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Woman shamed by flight attendant and asked to ‘cover up’ as her outfit was ‘inappropriate’

Woman shamed by flight attendant and asked to ‘cover up’ as her outfit was ‘inappropriate’

She said she was 'shamed' by cabin crew for her outfit

A woman has said she was shamed by a flight attendant who told her to cover herself up as her outfit was ‘inappropriate’.

We all know how hard it is finding the best ‘fit for a flight, hoping to strike the perfect balance of something that’s comfortable but also effortlessly chic.

You don’t want to be too cold – or too hot – and most of us prefer something that’s breathable and moveable for when you want to lie back for that inevitable mid-journey nap.

But one woman was surprised to find her simple travel attire wasn’t right, despite the only flesh she seemed to have on display was her arms.

How do you like to dress for a flight?
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Maggi Thorne, 42, was flying from Orlando to Nashville on a Southwest Airlines flight when a flight attendant ‘shamed’ her in front of all the other passengers.

Thorne – a seven-time American Ninja Warrior contestant took to Twitter to explain what happened, posting a photo of what she was wearing that day: a blank tank top, high waisted pants and a black cap.

She said: “@SouthwestAir attendant just shamed me in front of passengers saying my attire wasn’t appropriate. A tank top and high waisted pants.

“Flight 1039, is this really happening in 2023? The passengers around me were stunned as she shamed me for all to hear.”

In a follow-up tweet, Thorne said ‘nobody else has authority’ on what you decide to wear, adding: “I believe in in the goodness we each possess. To have someone publicly shame anyone on their outfit (regardless here of who) is unacceptable.”

In an interview with Insider, Thorne said she declined the flight attendant’s request to put on more clothes, as she knew the airline didn’t have a formal clothing policy – just a passenger contract that states ‘wearing clothes that are lewd, obscene, or patently offensive’ isn't permitted.

Maggi Thorne's outfit.

"She came over and asked me about my outfit and said that she thought it was too revealing and not appropriate for the airline," Thorne said.

"It was incredibly embarrassing.”

She continued: "I'm not a confrontational person, but what happened isn't OK and someone should say something about it."

Her outfit sparked debate online, with some saying it was out of order for her to be called out, while others argued she was wearing a ‘bra’.

One person commented on Twitter: "That was ridiculous. Your attire was fine, the flight attendant was out of line, as well as any who sided with her.”

Someone else said: "The flight attendant knew or thought it was a bra and that's why she said something. And no one probably even cared or heard the comment. She offered some advice not meant for social media. It's you who is doing the shaming."

Southwest Airlines has since offered an apology to Thorne, saying a complaint has been filed on her behalf.

Tyla has reached out to Southwest Airlines for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Nvr_GvUp

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