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Woman divides opinion after draping hair over back of plane chair during seven hour flight

Woman divides opinion after draping hair over back of plane chair during seven hour flight

Some people sympathised with the woman

Flight etiquette can be a thorny issue - what should you do if you’re sat next to a screaming baby? Is it OK to push your seat back for a bit of a kip on a long-haul? Can you take your shoes off?

And now Londoner Adam Butler has sparked debate after sharing a photo of one woman’s unusual method for relaxing during her flight.

The 57-year-old was flying to London from Montreal in Canada earlier this week when the female passenger in front of him draped her long (and very lovely, if I’m being honest) locks right over his in-flight screen. Awkward.

Adam said: "It was a flight Montreal-London on the 22nd November with my wife, after a brief trip to see her parents in Canada.

"A girl with voluminous curly hair sat down in the seat directly in front of me. To make herself comfortable, she flicked her hair up, as she was settling into her seat.

"Perhaps she didn’t notice, but half of her hair ended up falling over the top of the chair, to cover much of my media screen on the back of her chair.

The woman trailed her long tresses down the back of the seat.

"She wasn’t overtly tall, her head was not above the top of her seat, but her hair was very, very long!

"I asked her politely if she could move her hair as it was covering my screen.

"She answered very politely and graciously and immediately did so, tying it in a big bun on top of her head.

"Luckily, it didn’t fall over again throughout the entire seven hour flight!

"I took the picture as it was so ridiculous that this should happen, as to be funny, and tweeted it before taking off.

"I was astonished at the huge number of likes, comments and re-tweets it had attracted by the time I switched on my phone the next morning upon touching down in London.

Adam politely asked the woman to move her and she obliged.

"Many others clearly found it ridiculous and funny too, with dozens offering suggestions of what I should do - which ranged from the funny to the outrageous."

Adam tweeted about the situation and, perhaps unsurprisingly, not everyone agreed.

One person said: ”I feel for the girl, it's a struggle to have long, thick, curly hair in general, worse on a flight."

However, a less sympathetic tweeter wrote: "This happened to me on a couple of flights. You could accidentally close the tray table on the hair. Always creates amusement when it's time to disembark."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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