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Woman divides opinion over wedding guest dress

Woman divides opinion over wedding guest dress

She's picked out what she reckons is the perfect dress for a wedding guest but a lot disagree

Picking out the right outfit for a wedding as a guest can be tricky, you want to look your best but you absolutely cannot outshine the bride on her big day.

A woman has divided opinion on a dress which she reckons is perfect to wear if you've got a wedding coming up and want to look smashing.

In the video TikToker Georgia Louise says it's 'insane' that she's found such a good dress when she thought it was 'gonna be really, really s**t' as it didn't look impress all that much in the pictures online.

However, once the dress in question arrived she loved it, declaring it to be 'a solid 10 out of 10', but not everybody thinks it's the right dress for a wedding guest.

In her TikTok where she extolls the virtues of the dress, there were a lot of people who all had the same concern, that it looked a little 'too white' to be something you'd wear to any wedding but your own.

What's the verdict fashion police, too white for a wedding or just right?

While the dress does look to have started out with a base colour of white, it's decked out in a plethora of floral patterns which take up far more of the surface area.

Still, there were plenty who thought it just wasn't the sort of thing you'd wear to a wedding, even if many thought it was 'gorgeous'.

Even if lots thought the dress was 'too white for a wedding' and that there were 'so many other colours to choose from', the dress itself got plenty of appreciation.

Check it out here, though be warned she does swear a bit:

On the other hand, there were those who thought the dress was more than fine to wear to a wedding, including someone who said they'd 'just ordered it' for themselves and 'wear it to a wedding' later in the year.

While there's a noticeable amount of white on the dress, it's definitely not what you'd call a wedding dress, so you probably ought to be able to get away with it.

There have been plenty of other controversial wedding guest dresses. This one is actually light green.

There are plenty of others who've either caused a stir or made a splash with their choice of attire as a wedding guest.

One woman wore a floral-patterned nightie as a wedding guest and pretty much nobody noticed that she was wearing what were essentially pyjamas for the whole event, instead of giving her plenty of compliments.

Another woman who claimed to have found the perfect outfit for a wedding guest caused a stir of her own because, while it had floral patterns (starting to see a trend here?), the light green cloth looked dangerously close to white on camera.

Moving away from the floral-themed outfits, someone else split opinion with a guest dress that was black on top with a white skirt.

If you want to play it safe it's probably best to just give white a swerve in your colour scheme.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@georgialouise.1

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