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Woman forced to sit in man's vomit during 13-hour flight after sick bag popped

Woman forced to sit in man's vomit during 13-hour flight after sick bag popped

I feel like I can smell it.

If you think you've had bad plane journeys, you've got another thing coming once you hear Angelina's story.

The American nutritionist was on a long-haul flight from Bankok to London - which usually takes just under 13 hours - when she found herself in the most disgusting predicament.

Angelina had been sat in the aisle seat of her flight, beside a couple in the middle and window seat. Unfortunately, though, the boyfriend in the middle seat had a bit of an upset stomach.

"Everything was going fine, the plane was beginning to just take off, everyone was getting their seatbelts on, you’re getting situated, you're minding your own business reading a book," she began.

But as soon as the plane started to take off, the man in the middle seat whipped out his paper doggy bag and started throwing up.

“And as disgusting as it is, you don’t want to embarrass him," Angelina recalled.

"OK, I guess it happens, at least he’s throwing up in the doggy bag and not on you."

Unfortunately, it wasn't just a one-and-done situation.

"A couple of seconds later, he throws up again in the doggy bag," Angelina continued.

“You’re looking straight ahead pretending like it’s not happening two inches away from you.

“He throws up another time and the girlfriend finally leans over and taps you on your shoulder and is like, ‘Hey, can we have your paper doggy bag? We need another one.'"

By this point you're probably wondering, 'why didn't this guy just get up and use the bathroom?'

Well, the tragic news is that this all happened while the plane was taking off, and flight attendants were making sure everyone stayed in their seats until it was safe to unbuckle their seatbelts.

Utterly devastating.

Angelina's story isn't for the faint of heart.

Angelina frantically searched through the pocket in front of her for her doggy bag because the vomit was 'not stopping'.

She shared: "Finally this girl from the aisle across from me notices what’s happening and quickly hands me her doggy bag.

"I turn over to give this to the couple, and I notice that his paper bag is full to the brim.

"If he throws up another time it will literally overflow, and at this point, I’m holding the paper bag so that they can put the other paper bag in this paper bag because the bottom of the paper bag is so full of throw up that it’s starting to break.”

Got all that?

Sadly, before they managed to put the full bag of vomit into the fresh, new one, the bottom of it broke open 'and his vomit gushes out of the bottom all over onto his lap and, unfortunately, all over me and all over my stuff that’s under the seat.'

Charming, isn't it?

Angelina was heartbroken to share that she then had to wait 10 minutes in this state before she could get up and use the bathroom to clean herself off. She was then allowed to change seats.

People were understandably disgusted by Angelina's story, and took to the comments of her video to discuss the trauma of it all.

"I genuinely think I would have passed out," wrote one horrified viewer.

"My emetophobia [fear of vomiting] could NEVER handle this," added a second.

"I’m a rule follower but there is zero chance that I would stay in the seat once the vomiting commenced," confessed a third.

Let's all just be grateful that we weren't Angelina that day, eh?

Featured Image Credit: angelinanicollle/TikTok

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