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Mum shares eye-watering cost of family's day at Universal Studios Florida

Mum shares eye-watering cost of family's day at Universal Studios Florida

The mum-of-two was shocked at the grand total.

When you book a trip to Universal Studios it's often the case that your nostalgic inner child might mentally block out the eye-watering costs involved.

A mum-of-two certainly got the shock of a lifetime when she tallied up her bill for just one day out in Florida.

Watch below:

Miranda Pearce, from Sandbach, took to TikTok to document her family-of-four trip to Orlando.

"Guess how much we spent on one day in Universal Studios Florida," the 41-year-old put to her followers.

"Wait 'til the end, you ain't going to believe it!"

Sharing the full breakdown, the mum cautioned: "That's not even including tips."

To start things off, tickets for the fam of four came in at a whopping $483.66 (£394.80).

However, that wasn't even half of it as the family managed to rack up a horrible bill after totalling up the cost of basic expenses, like food and parking.

This family spent over $1,000 on just one day at Universal Studios.

It all started off when the family dropped by a Wendy's drive-thru and spent $21 (£17) on breakfast - which is admittedly pretty good value for four people.

They then had to fork over $27 (£22) for parking at Universal, which is actually 'cheap' if you live in London.

The pricier meals then came along at lunchtime, when Miranda and her husband spent $62 (£51) on three bacon cheeseburgers with fries and a chicken Caesar salad.

Perhaps one of the more shocking expenses was the one souvenir that the family splashed out on - a Gryffindor journal and a pen from Harry Potter World that cost an eye-watering $42 (£34).

By the time dinner rolled around, Miranda managed to feed her family for half the cost of lunch by stopping off a Burger King.

Miranda and her partner also spent $396 (£323) for fast passes.

Added to their other costs, it all came to a grand total of $1,113.40 (£909).

The family of four had a great day out, but they racked up quite a bill in the process.

A lot of TikTokers were horrified and swore to avoid the theme park at all costs.

"Well I’m not going there anytime soon that’s for sure," wrote one unimpressed viewer.

"You've put me right off now," commented a second.

"Thank you for clarifying, we will never go," added a third.

However, other viewers who had already braved the trip to Orlando revealed that there were some simple ways to cut the cost.

"Buy all tickets and fast passes before you leave the UK," suggested one follower. "Would have saved a fortune. Then take a small packed lunch with you."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mirandapearcemindset

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