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Woman says she's paid almost £2,000 per day to clean houses topless

Woman says she's paid almost £2,000 per day to clean houses topless

Topless maid Sammie also shared her earnings from only one day of work.

A woman has managed to rake in over a thousand dollars by cleaning houses without her top on.

Sammie, as she's known online, said that clients have paid her more than $2,000 (£1,691.28) for cleaning five houses while wearing only the bottom half of her outfit.

For one hour of topless cleaning, she charges the occupant $300 (£253.61) on top of any tips.

The topless maid from Tampa, Florida, filmed a video to reveal how much money she makes in a day including tips.

“So many of you want to know how much I make in a day as a topless maid,” said Sammie in the video. “Today I cleaned five houses and I charge $300 an hour. And I have a security guy who sits out in the car and waits for me just in case something happens.”

The first house she cleaned gave her a $150 (£126.81) tip, which is simply incredible.

Sammie explained that while it is not a requirement to tip her, a lot of the occupants she works for do anyway.

Sammi has spoken about her success as a topless maid.

“Second house, $300 (£253.61) and they gave me a $120 (£101.42),” Sammie continued.

The money-savvy housekeeper said the third and fourth houses she visited gave her tips worth $150 (£126.79) and $110 (£92.94) respectively.

And finally, Sammie revealed that the fifth house was so pleased with her work that they gave her a $200 (£169.03) tip.

After only five hours of labour, she took home a total of $2,230 (£1,884.66).

She also always gives her security guard 35 percent of her earnings, which works out to around $800 (£676.06), leaving her with an equally impressive take home pay of $1,430 (£1,208.45).

Sammi got $300 for cleaning the first out of five houses.

And Sammie isn’t gatekeeping her success or tips as a topless maid and seemingly encourages others to try it.

“If you think you needed a sign, this is your sign,” she shared. “Topless maid cleaning service for the win.”

Followers were astonished after seeing how much money she earned, while others were amazed by the fact that she managed to clean five houses in under 24 hours.

“I’m more impressed you cleaned 5 houses in one day,” one Instagram user said, while another joked: “I’m in the wrong job.”

One follower replied: “Where can I apply? S**t I wanna do this!”

However, some social media users were puzzled by how much work Sammie actually got done.

“You cleaned one thing in each house, let’s be real!!” one person declared.

Another unconvinced Instagram user penned: “How do u clean a house in an hr come on ur not cleaning houses.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/sincerely__sammi

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