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Celebrity Big Brother's Louis Walsh shares eye-watering amount of money he made on show

Celebrity Big Brother's Louis Walsh shares eye-watering amount of money he made on show

The former X Factor judge finally lifted the lid on his hefty pay cheque

Despite failing to make it to the top spot during the Celebrity Big Brother grand finale last month, Louis Walsh has finally lifted the lid on the STAGGERING pay cheque he received from ITV.

The former X Factor judge made it to the all the way final episode on the 22 March, alongside Coronation Street actor Colson Smith, Strictly dancer Nikita Kuzmin and Ibiza Weekender icon David Potts.

Sadly for Louis, however, he was only able to land himself in fourth place, having caused quite a stir in the infamous on-screen house by dishing the dirt on numerous A-list 'pals'.

Despite facing backlash from viewers for his controversial comments, however, Louis has since claimed his stint on the long-standing reality show was absolutely worth it for the pretty penny he managed to take home.

Confessing he was originally apprehensive over taking part, he told the Irish Independent this week that he realised 'life is too short' after producers allegedly hinted that he'd go on to win the whole show.

"They said I was going to be safe, it was going to be fun, that I would probably win it," he claimed.

"I told them I don’t want to win it. Don’t waste it on me. Give it to someone else."

Louis went on: "They said they really, really wanted me. They kept on at me, and still I said no, because I was scared. I don’t want to be a celebrity.

Louis claimed he bagged a huge fee.

"It’s a fake world. I have no desire. I like music and staying under the radar. I still haven’t watched it. And I don’t want to."

As mentioned, despite his claims about wanting to live life incognito, the Irish talent show personality certainly didn't hold back when it came to slamming certain celebrities on the show with pal Sharon Osbourne.

Amongst the countless stars that the Irish talent show personality slammed was his co-stars Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole, Boyzone star Ronan Keating and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

The on-screen star went on to claim that he was paid 'a lot of money' for his Celebrity Big Brother stint, bagging close to €1 million (£850,000).

He also told viewers of This Morning that he meant no harm with his comments about his fellow celebrities.

Louis has claimed he meant no harm with his remarks.

"I think it's an Irish thing, we tend to say what we feel," he claimed. "A little bit, I wasn't being malicious about it. I was just kind of telling people what they're really like.

"You know, I wasn't being malicious. Nobody is perfect and I have worked with people that I've said things about that I kind of regret.

"I do regret that, especially on national [television] but that's me. I'm very outspoken."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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