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Catherine Zeta-Jones rides the London Underground despite being worth '$150 million'

Catherine Zeta-Jones rides the London Underground despite being worth '$150 million'

Catherine Zeta-Jones might be Hollywood royalty, but she still has to get on the tube when she's in London

Catherine Zeta-Jones might be one of the most recognisable movie stars on the planet, but she’s not above taking a ride on the London Underground, as she proved in a video she recently shared online.

You can see her take the journey in the video below:

Zeta-Jones has starred in some absolutely massive films and is married to fellow A-lister Michael Douglas, but she grew up a long way from the bright lights of Tinseltown in Swansea, so she knows how to use public transport.

Even though she has a reported fortune of $150 million (£123m), she still doesn’t mind travelling around on the tube just like everyone else, even if she does like to keep a low profile while she’s on there.

In fairness, the 53-year-old star of The Mask of Zorro and Chicago needn’t have bothered covering herself up, as she appeared to have the entire tube train carriage to herself anyway.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in full 'celebrity avoiding being spotted' mode.

Still, she wore a hat and scarf and a very large pair of sunglasses, pretty much looking like the archetypal celebrity ‘trying to keep a low profile’ in the process.

Chatting to the camera, she said: “When you're the only one on the tube and you're very happy.

“London, just me, on public transport.”

She captioned the short video: “Tube Time! London Transport!”

It just goes to show that - especially in London - public transport is often the quickest and easiest way to get about, even if you’re a big-time celebrity.

Zeta-Jones was paid a reported $3 million (£2.4m) for her work on the film Traffic in 2000, and has made millions in endorsements and sponsorships outside of her film career.

She’s also married - and has invested in properties and shares - alongside her husband Michael Douglas.

Douglas recently spoke about how they managed to keep their careers going whilst raising young children, claiming that the pair had to take big roles at differing times to avoid the schedules becoming too hectic.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been married since 2000.
LANDMARK MEDIA/Alamy Stock Photo

They have two children, 18-year-old Carys and 20-year-old Dylan, while Douglas also has an older son, Cameron, from a previous marriage.

He also insisted that the pair aren’t in competition when it comes to their careers, telling Lorraine Kelly: “I don't know about that, I think we both do our own things.

“We [tried to] do it at different times so when the kids were younger, so we could be there. “But no competition, Catherine's going to do another year of Wednesday and a lot of other projects right now.

“Truth be told, my kids couldn't see the films I've made. It's another generation of fans, it's as close as you get to immortality, a bunch of kids now know who you were before, that part is fun.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@catherinezetajones

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