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You Can Now Get Bottled Cocktails Delivered To Your Door

You Can Now Get Bottled Cocktails Delivered To Your Door

There's even a special espresso martini that foams when you shake it. Omg.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

If there's one thing we're missing during self-isolation, it's going out for a cheeky cocktail or two with our mates.

Sure, we can get hold of wine and spirits in abundance (and boy, have we been), but its not quite the same as sipping on a professionally made cocktail in all its foamy, garnished, fancy glass-laden glory. Sigh.

But we may have the next best thing.

London-based immersive hospitality Lollipop is now offering bottled cocktails which you can get delivered straight to your door - and we for one plan to load up.

The chain behind some of the world most famous bars - including The Bunyadi (the world's first naked restaurant) and The Bletchley (the personalised WW2 cocktail bar) - is mixing cocktails from its warehouse in Chelsea.

On offer is the Punchy Funhouse (brandy, rum, peach and tea), Sunny Sangria (red wine, brandy and triple sec), Aperol Spritz (aperol, soda and prosecco), The Valentina (Lollipop's special bellini), Espresso Martini (espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur) and The Paloma (tequila, ting and grapefruit).

The cocktails come in a range of size options, from a small bottle (1 serving), a large bottle (3 servings) and a one litre bottle (7 servings), depending on whether you're shacked up alone, with a partner or housemates.

The company call the Espresso Martini "the real star" as they've developed a special foaming formula which froths the drink when you shake it. Wowwww.

The bottles comes with garnishes delivered in little pouches (

There's also The Valentina, a special 1 litre belleni designed to be shared between people (but no one is judging).

"We are all drinking at home nowadays so why not continue doing that and also support a small business which needs your love and care. The boxes also make a great gift for a loved one you perhaps can't physically meet," say Lollipop.

The drinks even come with garnishes delivered in little pouches so you can achieve that proper professional quality.

Prices for 'Cocktails by Lollipop' start from £6.90 per cocktail and £32 for a box of 6.

*Orders 25 crates.*

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