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​You Can Now Do A Virtual Wine Tasting Class

​You Can Now Do A Virtual Wine Tasting Class

Suddenly isolation looks much more appealing.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Since PM Boris Johnson announced strict isolation measures are now in place for a minimum of three weeks whilst the UK tries to stop the spread of COVID-19, we all should be spending most of our time inside.

With restaurants, pubs and non-essential shops shut to encourage people to isolate, it's likely everyone is looking for activities to keep them busy at home.

You will get three wines delivered for £45 and the virtual class on Instagram (

Which is why when we spotted this virtual wine tasting class on Pull The Cork, we just knew that many of you would love the idea as much as us.

And we have to admit, that any time we have been shopping lately, booze has been right up at the top of our lists. Well how else are we going to hold a boozy virtual get together on Houseparty without it?

But now you can make your weekend evenings tipsy in a more refined manner, because Pull The Cork has teamed up with supplier Elliot Awin to host a virtual wine tasting event over Instagram Live. Fancy!

It first kicked off last Friday and was a huge success and now there's a second event happening this Saturday at 7.30pm.

The class costs £45 and you'll receive three wines in the post after purchase here. Then simply tune into the live class via Elliot's Instagram account here where he will talk about each in turn.

This week's wines includes two reds and one white, starting with Payten and Jones, VV Sangiovese 2017, which 'is fruit-froward, soft and approachable but still with amazing structure' according to Pull The Cork. It's "a new world approach to a classic".

Next up is Vina Palaciega Rioja Crianza 2016 wth tawny notes. It boasts "cask ageing" alongside its "fruity personality" and is "smooth" and "robust".

Lastly, is the 2018 Casas Del Bosque Sauvignon Blanc Reserva with its pale straw and green colouring.

You'll receive two reds and a white to try during the tasting (
Pull The Cork)
Pull The Cork says: "This Sauvignon Blanc has intense aromas of grapefruit, passionfruit and Casablanca's hallmark notes of jalapeño, with some floral nuances behind." So expect a 'crisp, refreshing and fruity wine with mineral acidity'.

Umm, yum. They all sound delicious if you ask us. Let's hope there's more than just one of you at home though because that's an awful lot of wine to get through this weekend otherwise.

Shop the wines here ready for Saturday.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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