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Man Shows How To Make Tango Ice Blasts At Home

Man Shows How To Make Tango Ice Blasts At Home

Oh how we miss them.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Forget the movies (we have Netflix for that), the worst thing about cinemas being closed during lockdown is our separation from Tango Ice Blast.

Oh, how we miss watching transfixed as the slushy machine churned the colourful, delicious icy nectar as we buy over-price popcorn from the counter.

Anyway, in lieu of the real thing, one TikToker has done the world a service by teaching us how to make Tango Ice Blasts at home. We're listening...

Posted by @caughtsnackin - the king of indulgent lockdown cooks - the recipe requires just a few ice lollies, some food colouring, some Tango and a blender.

First, grab any ice lollies you have in a freezer and chop them up with a sharp knife.

Put them in the blender with ice, any food colouring and some Tango. He uses Strawberry Watermelon flavour, but any will work.

Simply pour some in (whatever feels right to you) and blend. "Feel free to mix it up," he says. "Any ice lolly will work, [and] to be honest, any fizzy drink."

"Make sure you're mixing and matching. Enjoy them while you're watching any film, or in my case, Jurassic Park," he finishes.

Can you think of a better way to celebrate the bank holiday that sipping on a homemade Tango Ice Blast?

Everyone in the comments was loving the idea, too, also giving suggestions for home to make the drink with fewer ingredients.

"OK but it works without food colour," one person suggested.

Another tipped: "Its better without ice though because ice waters it down, I recommend using only ice lollies and any drink."

"Those ice lolly's are from Sainsbury's and are bubblegum flavour!!! [sic]," a third handily shared.

We'll accept the brainfreeze for this one...

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tangoiceblast

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