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You Can Now Download At-Home McDonald's Happy Meal Boxes

You Can Now Download At-Home McDonald's Happy Meal Boxes

Who says happy meals are off the menu?

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Ever since McDonald's closed a few weeks ago due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we've been craving nuggets, fries, Big Macs - you name it.

But now, Maccy D's has done us all a favour by creating a downloadable Happy Meal box so we can get one step further to creating our own from home.

The fast-food chain has launched a new entertainment hub aimed at helping parents with home-schooling resources as well as fun activities to keep kids entertained.

McDonald's has also noticed a number of families across the country have been doing their best to recreate their favourite meals, from setting up pretend Drive-Thrus to mocking up their own Happy Meals and recreating the mouthwatering Big Mac sauce.

To help, the restaurant chain is now offering a PDF of its official Happy Meal box so kids (and adults, of course) can mimic the iconic meal.

All you need to do to download the box is head over to the McDonald's Family Hub, print, cut out and fold as instructed.

McDonald's has uploaded a handy PDF version of its iconic Happy Meal boxes (

There's heaps of other fun bits and bobs on the hub too, including crafty activities such as colouring in sheets, word searches and a cute 'create your own bookmark' section.

There's also an interactive play area, where you'll find all kinds of online games as well as Happy Reader downloadable e-books, board games, a football skills section and other keep fit activities to entertain the whole family.

Of course, the Hub wouldn't be complete without our favourite characters, including Pokémon, Teeny Ty, UglyDolls, Snoopy, Mr Men and Little Miss Party popping up on various games and exercises.

We've been craving McDonald's fries (

The Happy Meal boxes aren't the only treat McDonald's is offering fans during lockdown. Earlier this month, the fast food chain revealed how to make a Sausage and Egg McMuffin from home.

You'll need an English muffin, 75g sausage meat, two eggs, a slice of American cheese (aka plastic cheese) and a potato. You can read the full recipe and how to make it here.

Meanwhile, another McDonald's mega fan has revealed exactly how to create the mouthwatering Big Mac sauce from home during lockdown.

Shared by TikTok user Jarmo Mark, you can create a DIY version of McDonald's iconic sauce with seven ingredients you probably have in your cupboard already: garlic salt, onion salt, paprika, pickle relish, mayo, white wine vinegar and American mustard.

We can't wait for McDonald's to open its doors once again, but for the meantime, these tips and tricks are definitely enough to keep our cravings at bay.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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