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Reese's Pieces Ice Cream Cups Spotted In ASDA

Reese's Pieces Ice Cream Cups Spotted In ASDA

The ice creams come in packs of four and are priced at £3.50.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Fans of Reese's Pieces rejoice! Peanut butter ice cream cups have been spotted in the frozen aisles of ASDA stores, and they sound absolutely lush.

The new Reese's Pieces ice cream cups are made with a peanut butter swirl and are coated in chocolate. Yum.

Instagram account @NewFoodsUK shared the find yesterday, stating that the supermarket giant is selling packs of four for £3.50.

"OMG look what is now in @asda now are £3.50 how good do they look!?!" read the post, alongside pictures of the new ice cream treats.

"OH MY DAYS!!!!!!!!" exclaimed one person with scores of love heart emojis, while another declared: "I know where I'm going tomorrow!"

"Finally my dreams have come true," offered another die-hard Reese's Pieces fan.

It looks like the ice creams are exclusive to the supermarket for the time being, and only available in-store for now. You can use the ASDA store locator online to find your nearest shop.

Pretty52 has reached out to ASDA to find out which of its stores are stocking these ice creams.

While the ice creams might be new the UK it looks like they have been around for a while in the States as they are stocked on some online US retailers.

Instagram account @NewFoodsUK regularly shares new food finds to its followers, and it looks like we can expect some tasty additions this month, including raspberry blast Kit Kats and McVities Flamingo strawberry cake bars.

Dairy Milk is also introducing three new flavours to its chocolate bars, such as choca-latte, raspberry shortcake and simply the zest orange. Delish.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/NewfoodsUK

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