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It seems that vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavoured ice cream are all well and truly out-of-fashion.

The demand for a more bizarre range of flavours is high as punters can't wait to get their hands on Branston Pickle, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce and KP Salted Peanuts flavoured ice cream.

I'd be happy to give most of them a go except the Ketchup flavour - no thanks.

Anya Hindmarch is the woman responsible for coming up with such creative flavour combinations, and due to the success of last year's Ice Cream Project at The Village, the brilliantly bizarre ice-cream range will make its return to London this month.

Would you try any of these flavours?
Anya Hindmarch

The English Designer became a popular presence in the ice-cream game for recreating sweet versions of household staples that we normally pair with our takeaways.

Sweeter flavours - that make a lot more sense in my mind - are also available, such as Ambrosia Rice Pudding, Ribena and Kellogg's Coco Pops.

Taking to Instagram, the brand posted a sneak peak of inside the store and viewers were bursting with excitement with the promise of new flavours.

"You guessed it! By popular demand, the Ice Cream Project is returning to the #AnyaVillage," the post read.

"We will be serving some favourites from last year and a range of new flavours from 29th June.

"What household name would you like to see at this year’s Ice Cream Project?"

The store will be open from 29 June.

"Yay glad it's back! I'd like to see Robertsons Golden Shred marmalade or Rose's Lemon and Lime marmalade flavours," one fan commented.

Another added: "Yessss! Bring back Coco Pops and Polo mint."

"Last week with the teaser post, I suggested Fry's Turkish Delight... remains top of my wishlist! Maybe as a Rose sorbet with choc chips," wrote a third.

"Omg yes! Definitely coming back as I absolutely loved it last year and I can’t wait to try more flavours," a fourth penned.

While someone else also wrote their own wish list: "Coca Cola, gold blend coffee, caramel wafers, peanut butter, carnation caramel."

I'd be happy to give most of them a go, except the Ketchup flavour - no thanks.

The brand's website reads: "With sleek silver freezers packed full of ice cream pots, the Ice Cream Project will once against be a minimalist temple to the joy of ice cream and sorbet, with a twist - the household names inspiring our ice creams are typically found in the pantry rather than the freezer, think savoury sauces, condiments, biscuits, breakfast cereals and even crumpets..."

Fans will be able to to get 500ml tubs for a reported £15, or enjoy scoops starting from £3.50.

Not going to lie, Coco Pops and Polo mint flavour sound delicious.

Sorry, I'm not that adventurous.

Featured Image Credit: Anya Hindmarch

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