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Nando's Launches First Ever Plant-Based Meat Alternative

Nando's Launches First Ever Plant-Based Meat Alternative

The plant-based meat alternative is made from pea protein.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Huge news for veggies: Nando's has just announced its launching its first ever plant-based meat alternative.

The chain - which is famed for its spicy chicken - has announced the exciting arrival of The Great Imitator.

Aptly named, the brand new addition to the menu is a crafted to taste exactly like its signature PERi-PERi chicken breast fillet. Instead, its made entirely from Pea Protein.


Available to order in restaurants and online from 13th October, The Great Imitator sees four strips of the meat alternative grilled to serve. Like any Nando's meal, eaters can choose to up their heat with the chain's signature PERi-PERi sauces.

Though the meal is entirely plant-based, Nando's are not calling it vegan - due to being cooked in the same kitchen at the chicken - but assure it's a great plat-based alternative for flexitarians and veggies.

The delicious veggie meal will sit alongside the Burgers, Pittas and Wraps.

Dawn Carr, Director of Vegan Corporate Projects, PETA, says: "PETA is delighted to have played a part in Nando's journey to putting this delicious plant-based chicken on the table.


"Nando's can't guarantee zero risk of cross-contamination, so it's not calling it vegan, but as all the ingredients in the burger and pitta versions are completely animal-free - right down to the mayo - we say these are an excellent choice for vegans, vegetarians, meat-reducers, and chickens. Cluck yes!"

Nando's is also launching the entirely plant-based Sweet Potato Wedges with Garlic PERinaise to go alongside The Great Imitator, with 10p from each purchase goes to Nando's Fighting Marlia.

It's a great time to be meat-free on the high street. First, Greggs vegan sausage roll took the world by storm, then KFC announced it was trialling a meat-free chicken bucket.

Most recently, Domino's Pizza launched a plant based alternative and McDonald's welcomed its first ever fully vegan meal and Happy Meal option.

Nando's, we love to see you've caught up!

The Great Imitator and Sweet Potato Wedges with Garlic PERinaise are available in restaurant and online from 13th October 2020.

Featured Image Credit: Nando's

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