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KFC Encourage People To Build Their Own Burgers With Ultimate 'Hack'

KFC Encourage People To Build Their Own Burgers With Ultimate 'Hack'

The fast food chain reckon if you mix an Original Recipe fillet with a Zinger fillet, gravy and garlic mayo, you have the ultimate burger...

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

KFC think it has worked out the components for the ultimate burger, but instead of putting it on its menu, the fast food giant wants you try building it yourself first...

The restaurant chain has this theory that if you merge an Original Recipe fillet burger with a Zinger fillet burger, and add gravy and garlic mayo, you have something rather beautiful.

In honour of national fried chicken day (which was on 6th July), the chicken connoisseurs got thinking about the best burger possible that could be made from existing items on the menu.


At the moment, KFC is calling it the 'Hacker Burger' but you'll have to do the work yourself. Luckily, the company has given handy steps and everything you'll have to order to create it. But listen carefully...

First, you need to order a Zinger Tower burger without the mayo and salsa, followed by a Mini Fillet burger without the mayo, a pot of gravy and the Garlic Mayo dip.

To get going, remove the top bap of the Zinger Tower burger and immediately remove all contents, including the hash brown and cheese.

Now it's time to start building: grab your bottom bun, and first, add a layer of Garlic Mayo and place the lettuce from the Zinger burger on top of it. Next, add your Zinger Fillet and put another layer of Garlic Mayo on top, followed by the hash brown and cheese.

Next, add your Mini Original Recipe Fillet and a layer of gravy and any cheese you have left. Finish off with some more lettuce from the Mini Fillet burger. Finally place your bun on top and you're ready to enjoy.


Having to work for our food?! This better taste good - but we have a feeling it will.

A KFC spokesperson said: "We just had to go big for national fried chicken day. And what better way to celebrate than with a burger in honour of the real chicken aficionados?

"Our fans always tell us about their favourite KFC items, so it was only fitting to put them all together for the ultimate national fried chicken day treat."

The only catch is the Hacker burger will cost you £7.67 to create, when considering all the components you'll have to buy. And that's not even including chips and a drink.

But if you do fancy attempting it, KFC wants you to take pics and tag @KFC_UKI and include #HappyKFCDay on social media. If enough people give it a go (and like it) KFC might even launch it as an official menu item in 2020.

We're intrigued to see the Hacker burger in action...

Featured Image Credit: KFC

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