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Mum shares lunchbox hack she swears by that has divided parents

Mum shares lunchbox hack she swears by that has divided parents

An Aussie mum has divided the internet with her lunchbox hack

Despite missing the lack of responsibility you have as a child, one thing most of us probably don't miss are the school lunches.

Yes, there were some absolute banging puddings and the excitement for chips on a Friday was unrivalled, but I wouldn't trade that in for the absolute food freedom we have now - even if my wallet doesn't thank me.

One Australian mum named Leanne, who is a domestic and cleaning expert and goes by @home.with.leanne on Instagram, claims to have a game-changing hack for parents that's created a bit of a debate on social media.

Parents are always busy, constantly doing things for their kids and realising there simply isn't enough hours in the day. So, anything that can save you time is a must try and that's the idea behind Leanne's lunchbox loophole.

Catchy that.

Would you freeze your sarnie? (Peter Dazeley / Getty Stock Images)
Would you freeze your sarnie? (Peter Dazeley / Getty Stock Images)

The mum revealed that when it comes to making her kids' sarnies and to save a bunch of time in the morning, she pops them in the freezer the night before and 'the kids don't even notice'.

Leanne claims that sandwich fillings such as 'ham and cheese, Vegemite, jam, honey and peanut butter' all freeze perfectly without any bother.

“Then store (the sandwiches) in an airtight container and they won’t go soggy,” she continued.

She rounded off her post by asking parents watching: “Do you find this gross? I would love to know if you have any school mum hacks”.

Some viewers were quick to praise Leanne, with one saying: "That’s a great idea, if they don’t go soggy."

A second said: “I love this idea,” while another added: “Great way to save time.”

However, some weren't convinced and were slightly more sceptical, with one commenting: “I personally wouldn’t but it all depends on the time you have and if you work full-time.”

Another bluntly put: "I wouldn’t eat a frozen sandwich so not making it for my kiddies.”

Fair enough, to be honest.

This one will come in handy in a few months time. (TikTok/@twomomsandthebabes)
This one will come in handy in a few months time. (TikTok/@twomomsandthebabes)

Each to their own but if it's going to save you time, it might be worth a shot.

Another mum has recently been praised for coming up with a genius way of keeping your kids distracted on a flight.

With the year going as quick as it has been, soon you'll blink and the summer holidays will be here, so this might be one you want to keep for later.

Coined 'snacklebox' by TikTok mum-fluencers @twomomsandthebabes, it is a homemade snack box in a plastic container - filled with all kinds of yummy snacks the little ones love.

The snackleboxes have earned tons of praise online, both for being an effective way to achieve a peaceful flight, as well as being nutritious.

As a parent, 'peaceful' and 'flight' aren't usually two words that go together, so I hope you're taking notes.

Featured Image Credit: Peter Cade/Getty Images / [email protected]

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