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Lidl launches ‘insect burgers’ made with real beetles

Lidl launches ‘insect burgers’ made with real beetles

Lidl stores in Ireland will sell burgers that have bits of bugs in them on purpose

Some Lidl stores in Ireland have been stocking 'insect burgers' which are mostly soya but packed out with mealworm larvae for an extra boost of protein.

While it's not really taken off in some countries, the idea of us all eating more insects to relieve the environmental impact of meat consumption is being touted as an idea for the cuisine of the future.

Scoffing down a plate of bugs is the sort of thing many people are only really used to seeing on the likes of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! as a punishment.

For lots of people, the day when they see insects as food rather than a buzzing annoyance is a long way off but they are showing up in some dishes, and not in the way that would give people the ick.

It's not the most glowing of reviews for the insect burgers.

Shoppers in Ireland noticed that some Lidl stores were stocking 'soya & insect patties' which boasted that they contained seven percent ground, dried mealworm larva, essentially bits of baby beetles.

While some curious shoppers have picked up a box to see what the buzz was all about there are many others who've been ticked off by the insect burgers.

Many meat eaters are put off by the aversion to chowing down on creepy crawlies, while it also bugs vegans and vegetarians for packing a previously meat-free option with the ground remains of once-living creatures.

Would you eat an insect burger?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/vegantheonlyway/Kevin Britland/Alamy Stock Photo

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