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You Can Now Get A Creme Egg Filled With Chocolate

You Can Now Get A Creme Egg Filled With Chocolate

Cadbury managed to make its Easter treat even more chocolatey.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

The lead-up to Easter is a fantastic time of year for chocolate fans - and now it has become even more chocolatey.

You can now buy a Creme egg filled with smooth chocolate creme centre instead of the usual yellow and white fondant filling.


This Creme Egg is filled with chocolate fondant (

The chocolate Creme Egg is only available in the US but luckily for the fans across the pond, the snacks website GB gifts are offering imports for £1.99 per egg.

There are only 400 in stock so you will have to be quick if you want to ensure you have one before Easter.

And judging by the comments on the GB gifts Instagram post, people are already obsessing over the chocolate Creme Egg.

"These are EPIC!!!" one person wrote.

"Oh my days," said another.

On the outside it looks like a regular Creme Egg (

A third person controversially admitted: "This looks way better than normal Creme Eggs".

A few dedicated fans of the original, classic Creme Egg were on the fence after seeing the version made entirely from chocolate.

"This is sacrilege," wrote on Instagram user.

There are dozens of varieties of the Creme Egg for different markets around the world. The Chocolate Creme Egg was introduced to the US market in 1999 and has been a popular Easter snack ever since.

A cookie dough Creme Egg was once available in Canada, and New Zealand even had their own 'Jaffa Egg' which was made from dark chocolate with an orange flavoured filling inspired by Jaffa Cakes.

You can now get a multi-pack of eggs at a bargain price (

Two years ago Cadbury launched a limited edition white chocolate Creme Egg with the familiar fondant filling encased in a white chocolate shell.

If you happen to be on the lookout for more versions of the Creme Egg for Easter, you can also get caramel and Oreo Creme eggs in a multipack with the classic version.

It is available exclusively at Asda at only £1.50, the multi-pack means you can grab Cadburys treat at the bargain price of just 30p an egg.

Featured Image Credit: GBgifts / Instagram

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