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People are only just realising what Cadbury’s Creme Egg filling is made of

People are only just realising what Cadbury’s Creme Egg filling is made of

The chocolate treat has a not-so-secret formula

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The weekend we've been banking our calories for has finally arrived.

That's right, it's Easter weekend, baby! Famed for its double-bank holiday, tender lamb roast dinners and lots, and lots, and LOTS of chocolate.

The entire four-day extravaganza might have historical and religious significance for millions of people around the globe, but for others, it's basically a free license to lie about on the sofa and shovel Cadbury's Creme Eggs into your mouth until you begin to feel nauseous.

These bite-sized chocolate-shelled eggs filled with sugary goo have been an Easter staple for countless years now, with the hype over these sweet treats being more intense due to the fact they're a little bit tricky to get your hands on once the holiday is over.

And the great news is, if you're wanting to stock up, you can currently nab a box of 48 Creme Eggs on Amazon for just £18.99 (down from £26.89) - coming in at just 40p an egg.

Even if they have changed the recipe in recent years, we still love Creme Eggs - but there are plenty who don't really know what the stuff inside that chocolatey shell is.

According to Cadbury's, that goo at the centre of a Creme Egg is officially something called fondant, but what Easter egg munchers really want to know is what that actually means.

Luckily, the confectioner has revealed all, explaining that in that fondant is sugar, milk, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, inverted sugar syrup, dried whey, vegetable fats and dried egg whites.

Cadbury's Creme Eggs are a staple of Easter.

There you go, there is actually a bit of real egg inside a Creme Egg and it all mixes together to form a lovely gooey mixture which vaguely resembles an egg white and yolk.

It turns out that a lot of people didn't actually know what was inside, as on a video from TikToker @abbeythefoodscientist cracking open a Creme Egg there were plenty of commenters who were surprised to learn what was on the inside.

Some people said they'd thought it was nougat inside the egg, while others assumed it was icing, while someone else said they were convinced it was 'coloured caramel'.

Now they know what's inside people are eager to mix it for themselves and see the results, with one person saying they 'want to go make a massive bowl of it now'.

Of course, if you're not a fan of the regular filling, then Cadbury's have done ones in the past which have been stuffed full of chocolate instead of the usual fondant mix.

That goo inside a Crème Egg is no mystery, but many have been surprised to learn the answer.

On top of that there are plenty of creative bakers who've found that the humble Creme Egg makes for a very good ingredient.

Creme Egg brownies are an absolute classic, albeit the sort of thing that would probably give your dentist conniptions if you told them what you'd been eating.

If brownies don't float your boat, then perhaps you'd prefer Creme Egg croissants or the incredibly sugary 'Creme Egg Scotch Egg', which involves rolling one of Cadbury's finest in fudge brownie before coating with little Dairy Milk shavings.

None of this is particularly healthy, but it's all incredibly delicious.

Featured Image Credit: Sweet Treats Direct/David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images

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