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​You Can Buy Creme Egg Cupcakes And It's A Dream Come True

​You Can Buy Creme Egg Cupcakes And It's A Dream Come True

We plan to eat these from now all the way until Easter.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Just when we thought Cadbury's Creme Eggs couldn't get any better, we've spotted them in cupcake form.

Iceland is selling the cupcakes which are made from a delicious-sounding chocolate flavoured sponge, with a fondant filling inside - just like you'd find inside the regular chocolate egg.

It too has been topped with a huge swirl of vanilla frosting and yellow goo, also much like the sweet treat.

Making it sound even more tasty, the decadent cupcake has been finished with real milk chocolate shards.

The cupcakes have a fondant filling just like real Creme Eggs (

Drooling much?

They are priced at £2 for a pack of two - perfect to share (or not) and the vegetarian-friendly treat is available widely at Iceland stores. Shop them here.

It is the second time the supermarket has launched the cakes, no doubt bringing them back due to their popularity last year.

It's never too early to tuck into a Cadbury's Creme Egg - they are delicious all year round (

It looks like the store has gone Creme Egg mad too, because it has also begun selling Cadbury's Creme Egg Choc Cake bars, and is currently the only supermarket to offer them.

It's like Easter has come early - well we do need something to look forward to now Christmas is over after all. Any excuse for more sweet treats.

The soft pillowy cake bars come in a pack of six for £2 and they look like a new improved version of a Mini Roll, with a yellow and white gooey centre and a chocolate coating.

Iceland is also exclusively selling Creme Egg chocolate cake bars (

Not to worry either if you often think you'll struggle to devour a sweet treat after dinner, because it turns out you're wrong - scientists have proven we all have a 'dessert stomach' meaning you will be able to squeeze in the delicious cakes or bars however full you are.

We now know that because of evolution, whilst we can get sick of eating the same food item, our appetite will increase when the food is switched - say from burgers to Creme Egg cupcakes.


Featured Image Credit: Iceland

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