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Maltesers Is Launching Chocolate Orange Bunnies

Maltesers Is Launching Chocolate Orange Bunnies


Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

If you love Maltesers bunnies *and* you love orange chocolate, then we have the ultimate combo' coming for you!

Maltesers has introduced orange flavoured bunnies and we are drooling.

The bunnies have been given an orange twist (

First spotted on Instagram via @kevssnackreviews, Maltesers later confirmed the zesty chocolate treats will be launching in time for Easter next year, and while we're gutted they're not ready for us to scoff right now, we are convinced they will be worth the wait.

Every Maltesers fan knows just how moreish those tasty bunnies can be, and we've got a feeling the orange flavour will be just as delicious.

Individually wrapped and filled with a creamy and crunchy centre, the Maltesers bunny is the third most popular treat during the Easter season.

But the exciting chocolate news doesn't stop there. Mars is also launching Galaxy orange truffles - and they're available this year! Currently on sale in Tesco, the decadent citrus truffle is the perfect blend of silky chocolate and zesty orange - all in one big box.

Speaking about the new launches, Kerry Cavanaugh, Marketing Director at Mars Wrigley UK said: "We know that the flavour orange is a distinctly British taste that has seen a huge zesty makeover in recent years.

"While we often see an orange boom during the holiday season, we know that Brits love the flavour all year round, which is why we're ensuring the 'choc-work' continues into the new year and beyond."

Galaxy orange truffles have also been introduced (

If you're an orange chocolate fanatic, you'll be pleased to know that Terry's has launched a white chocolate orange range.

As well as the full size orange, Terry's has also released white Chocolate Orange Minis, which you can snap up for £2 per pack in Co-op stores across the UK.

Terry's announced the news as an early Christmas present, explaining the creamy white range is only available for a limited time - so you best be quick if you fancy stocking up!

Featured Image Credit: Flickr

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