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Shoppers race to Iceland to get their hand on giant Maltesers chocolate dessert

Shoppers race to Iceland to get their hand on giant Maltesers chocolate dessert

That's a very big Malteser...

When it comes to chocolate desserts, there's certainly no shortage of options out there.

But one in particular has got people talking, as it's a far cry from what you would normally expect from that particular brand.

When you think of Maltesers, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the tiny crunchy balls of malted milk goodness which have been encased in a thin layer of milk chocolate.

They're crunchy, they're light, and very snackable and delicious.

But now there's a new product by the much-loved brand available to Iceland shoppers, and it seems to be going down well.

The dessert can be bought in Iceland.

This version of the beloved chocolate snack has been marketed as the 'Maltesers Bubble Dessert'.

Yes, that's right, an entire dessert made up of Maltesers.

Food blogger @kylevfood took to his TikTok to review the exciting new offering.

Now, the dessert is not exactly the same as regular Maltesers, though it does have them inside.

Opening up the box...

It's made up of a 'malty mousse and Maltesers on a biscuit base' which is then encased in a delicious layer of milk chocolate.

It's a pretty hefty prospect for pudding, with a price tag to match - costing £10 - though Kyle said it was 'definitely worth it'.

Presumably it's intended to be shared between people.

In the video, Kyle said: "I'm sorry but why is no one talking about the fact that you can buy a giant Maltesers chocolate bar."

He continued: "This was like 10 quid from Iceland and I'm guessing it's meant to be shared between a few people but this is this is pretty epic I'm not gonna lie."

The all important first bite.

After taking a few bites, Kyle added: "Am I gonna sit here and eat most of this?

"Yes, I. Yes I am."

Many people took to the comments to share their views on the new product.

One wrote: "I need to take more insulin just watching this."

A second replied: "Imagine pulling up and seeing a man eating a giant slab on chocolate alone in his car."

A third said: "I need to buy one now."

Someone else joked: "Three bags of sugar would be much cheaper."

Another added: "It looks like the perfect portion for one."

While a final user commented: "OMG I NEED THIS."

But you should probably not do what Kyle did and eat it straight out the box - instead, Iceland's website advises to defrost the dessert in the fridge for five hours. Once defrosted, you should consume immediately (say no more). And - most importantly - enjoy!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kylevfood

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