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Woman divides opinion over her 'inappropriate' dream wedding guest dress

Woman divides opinion over her 'inappropriate' dream wedding guest dress

The woman had been searching for the dress since last year and planned to wear it to a friend's wedding

Gorgeous white gowns, face-covering veils and long flowing trains. There’s all kinds of traditions surrounding what a bride should wear for their wedding day.

But many people have just as many opinions on what guests should wear; from no red to definitely not dressing in white.

And with that, one woman has totally divided people with her ‘dream dress’ she’s bought for a friend’s wedding.

Angela Pham shared a video to TikTok revealing she had bought the dress after wanting it for a year. She’d seen Keira Knightley wearing it and just ‘had to have it’.

The Carolina Herrera vintage dress features a black bandeau top with a puffy off-white long bottom.

Calling it her ‘new favourite dress’, Angela says she ‘collects clothes’ and regularly shares stylish videos.

Angela had been searching for the dress since last year.
Tiktok / @phamgela

But the fashion-lover followed up with another video to ask followers for their opinion on a ‘controversial matter’.

She says: “I actually bought this for a friend’s upcoming wedding. But I’m having my doubts about whether this is permissible as a wedding guest to wear.”

Angela then explains she asked four different people she ‘trusts’ for their input, resulting in a 50/50 split.

Her ‘gay best friend’ said: “Yes, fab!”

Her ‘stylist friend’ said: “Yes, I think it would be fine.”

But, her ‘traditional Vietnamese mom’ said: “No, you should ask the bride.” Although Angela confesses she won’t be doing that.

And her ‘recent bride friend who just got married’ said: “Firm no.”

Would you wear this dress to a friend's wedding?
Tiktok / @phamgela

The clothes collector asked users on TikTok to have their say on whether she can wear the gorgeous dress to the event.

And it’s pretty clear what people think, with many writing: “If you have to ask, it’s a no.”

Others also chimed in: “No you cannot wear that as a wedding guest. It looks bridal – a funky bride could very well show up in a wedding gown that looked like that.”

One simply wrote: “girl…”

And another put: “Absolutely not. But babes keep the dress for another occasion, it’s your dream dress – but the day is not yours!”

Another added: “Keep it but don’t wear it for the wedding.”

“This dress is absolutely incredible and I would consider it as a bride! Amazing find," said someone else.

Angela has since responded to comments to thank everyone for their input and ‘confirming this is Not appropriate’. She says: “I definitely won’t be wearing it. But I will keep it!”

Buying the beautiful ‘dream dress’ on The Real Real, Angela shared the sale price of $535.50 (£423) for the gown.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok / @phamgela

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