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Woman called out for 'terrible' wedding guest dress

Woman called out for 'terrible' wedding guest dress

Most TikTok users called out the same 'issue' with the dress.

A TikToker unintentionally started a heated debate about wedding attire after posting a dress she believed was the ‘perfect’ outfit to wear as a wedding guest.

Lauren Candy, who posts videos on the platform as @laurencandy3, uploaded a short video of the dress with her 260,000 followers.

She modelled the sage green-coloured ASOS DESIGN Bridesmaid cami embellished midi dress which she named ‘quite possibly the most beautiful wedding guest dress ever’.

The garment looks like a perfect choice for the summer, with a midi-length tiered skirt and floral embroidery. It will set you back £110 though, should you add it to your basket.

Little did Lauren know she sparked a furious date about appropriate dresses for wedding guests, with the ASOS dress at the centre of the fury.

Lots of people believed that the dress looked white on camera and that colour is usually reserved for the bride according to general wedding dress code etiquette.

Plus, we’ve already seen what happens on the internet when someone who isn’t the bride wears white to the ceremony.

Some viewers said the dress looks white.

Lauren’s comments section were up in arms over the garment, with some TikTok users seemingly reviving the viral #bluedress #golddress debate from 2015 except this time the colours were green versus white!

One woman commented: “If there’s a chance that it looks white on camera it’s a no go!”

However, someone else replied: "But it doesn’t look white. This is clearly green.”

But a third commenter said she owns a dress that is the same colour as the one seen in the video and explained that it looks white on camera.

“In sunlight it will absolutely look white, especially on camera. I own a dress in this exact colour,” she shared.

Although not everyone was convinced that the dress will look green in pictures. “I *know* it’s sage green, but it’s baaaassssicalllyyyy white,” one wrote.

Lauren defended the garment in the comments.

Another commenter wrote: “Y’all: with light and flash and sun and Jesus coming back and blinding the guests the dress would look white.”

Lots of other women came to the same conclusion, with one viewer writing: “Too close to white. If the light you have on in your room is enough to make it this light it will probably show up white in the pictures/outside.”

Lauren did her best to defend the dress and admitted that she used a filter when recording the video and told another commenter that it does look green in person.

“I promise gals I’m staring at it [right now] and it’s green.”

But regardless of whether the dress looks white or not, there's absolutely no denying how beautiful it is - what do you think?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@laurencandy3

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