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Bride reads out cheating fiancé’s texts instead of her vows at their wedding

Bride reads out cheating fiancé’s texts instead of her vows at their wedding

She only found out a few hours before she was due at the altar

A bride-to-be got some incredibly shocking news just hours before she was due to tie the knot, as she was told via anonymous text that her fiancé had been cheating on her.

They'd been together for six years and she thought they were going to spend the rest of their lives with each other, but while she thought he was 'the one' he had someone else.

Writing for Body and Soul, she explained that she was in a hotel room the night before the big day with her friends she saw her phone light up with a message and went to check it, thinking it'd be yet another message of congratulations.

Instead it was a series of screenshots of messages her fiancé had sent accompanied by the text: "I wouldn't marry him. Will you?"

The bride-to-be read through all of the messages between her fiancé and another woman, along with selfies of the two of them together.

By checking the times and dates on the texts she could see that this had been going on for months, and some of the messages had been sent by her fiancé to this other woman just days before the wedding.

The night before her wedding the bride received months of texts showing her fiancé had been cheating on her.

Some of the messages were arranging a weekend getaway for the pair, while others had the bride's fiancé telling the woman 'I wish my GF had half the skills you do', and he wasn't talking about the kinds of skills one would be allowed to demonstrate on Britain's Got Talent.

With her wedding only hours away and her bridesmaids pretty much threatening to skin her fiancé alive on her behalf there was a decision to be made about what she was going to do.

Deciding not to call him and confront him over the phone about the claims of cheating the night before the wedding, she decided to sleep on it - but of course, didn't get a moment's rest as she mulled over the best course of action.

In the morning, she told her bridesmaids she was going to go ahead with the wedding and expose him during the ceremony in front of everyone.

The bride-to-be decided to read out all of the texts she'd been sent instead of getting married.
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

On her big day the bride announced to all their collected friends and family that 'there will be no wedding today' and that the groom was 'not who I thought he was'.

She then pulled out her phone and read every word of every message which had been sent to her the night before.

Realising that he wasn't going to get hitched, the groom instead walked out of church without saying a word leaving quite an awkward atmosphere.

While you can't really have a wedding without a wedding, you can still use all the food, drink, venues and guests you've brought together for the big day to throw one heck of a party.

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