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Mum divides opinion after wearing white dress to her son’s wedding

Mum divides opinion after wearing white dress to her son’s wedding

What the frock?

A mum has divided the internet after she was spotted wearing a white dress to her son's wedding. See the dress in the video below:

The number one unwritten rule for many weddings is guests must avoid wearing white dresses at all costs.

However, this clearly didn’t impact one mum’s choice of gown for her son’s big day.

The unnamed woman wore a floor-length white gown with a thigh-high slit, adorned with pearl and sequin embellishments.

A see-through corset and a sweetheart-shaped neckline finish off the daring look.

The video of the mum’s outfit for the day’s festivities, which she topped off with a headpiece, became a viral sensation on TikTok after it was shared by her daughter, who posts using the username @nikita18xo.

Set to Akon’s song ‘Beautiful’, the clip has accumulated more than 174,000 views from bemused TikTok users who simply cannot fathom she dared to wear white.

One woman replied to the clip with: “Absolutely not.”

Another person speculated: “She probably hates the bride.”

The mum proudly modelled her white dress at the wedding.

A third quipped: “Awe that’s so cute she wants to be the first to leave.”

While a fourth reasoned: “She coulda [sic] kept the same fit but in ANY other colour.”

Other people pleaded with Nikita - the woman’s daughter - to reassure the world that the dress was simply a joke, or that the mum was actually the bride.

“Tell me that this [is] a joke and this is really the bride?,” one desperate TikTok user asked.

“Say like,” another woman commented.

“So is she marrying her son?,” a confused social media user asked.

Nikita shed further light on the situation by entering the comments and clarifying that the dress is not white.

TikTok users are divided.

Although, you'd be forgiven for looking at it and thinking it was white, Nikita said: "Her [clothes' are ivory not white."

Well, there you have it folks!

Nikita's mum isn't the only person who has caused a stir with their wedding outfit. Earlier this year, supermodel Kendall Jenner responded to claims she wore an 'inappropriate' black dress to a friend's wedding.

In November 2021, the then-26-year-old reality TV star posted a series of snaps from Lauren Perez's wedding. Little did she know the internet would implode after seeing her Mônot RTW Spring 2022 dress, which drew a mixed response because of its revealing geometric pattern.

Kendall entered a comments section on Instagram to give her two cents on the controversy. “Obvi [sic], asked for your approval in advance, too," she said in response to Lauren's post which included a picture of Kendall's dress. "We love a beach wedding.”

We're gonna have to pay serious attention to our outfit choice for the next wedding event!

Featured Image Credit: @nikita18xo/TikTok.

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