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Woman spots 'huge red flag' that made her dump date immediately

Woman spots 'huge red flag' that made her dump date immediately

Following a previous red flag, a woman spotted another one which left her immediately dumping her date

A woman has revealed a 'huge red flag' that made her decide to immediately ghost a man she had been on a date with.

You know those doorbell cameras that can be rather annoying? Well, the woman shared footage from her doorbell camera, which had recorded the incident.

TikToker Jade posted the video to her TikTok account (@jadealyzaee), watch it below:

The footage shows Jade heading to her front door after a date, with her saying: "And he didn't wait till I got into the house."

She then adds how that was the second red flag of the evening, and that she would be 'ghosting' him as a result.

In the comments, the woman later revealed that the first red flag occurred after her date failed to 'open any doors for her'.

Though she did say that the man did fit the bill that evening.

Since it was uploaded in August 2021, the short video clip has gone viral with over 13 million views.

The woman can be seen walking up the driveway in the video.

Jade's video has also had close to 2.5 million likes and over 20,000 comments, all of whom have differing opinions.

Many agreed with Jade that not waiting for her to safely get inside her home was definitely a red flag.

"It's just human decency to wait for anyone to get in their house," one person said.

A second added: "Some of y’all’s parents didn’t raise you properly. You always wait for the person to get into the house regardless of who it is."

And a third remarked: "Date or not, you should always wait til they are inside the house… I normally walk up with them just be extra sure they’re okay."

Meanwhile, a fourth also said: "Even my Uber waits for me to go inside."

After he drove off before she got inside, Jade mutters that she would be ghosting the man.

And finally, another TikTok user joked: "Just imagine not knowing you’re about to get ghosted but the rest of the world does."

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jadealyzaee

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