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Woman demands bridesmaids drop to a size 8 to fit into dresses at her wedding

Woman demands bridesmaids drop to a size 8 to fit into dresses at her wedding

A woman demanded her bridesmaids dropped to a size 8 to fit into dresses at her wedding

We've all got a picture in our head of our ideal wedding, and what can be done to make the big day into the 'dream day'.

Often, you find that the bride is the one doing most of the organising, unless you are appearing on Don't Tell The Bride, of course!

Anyway, this one bride-to-be had a rather strange request when it came to her big day.

The bride instructed her bridal party to lose weight for her special day, told them to change their hair length and colour and even asked for hefty donations to her honeymoon.

And as you'd probably expect, one of the bridesmaids was not too happy with the requests, and she told her where to stick it...

In a text message which just seems to get worse and worse, shared on Reddit by user @junebugg85, the bride said: "Welcome to my bridal party, I'm so excited to marry the man of my dreams.

"As you know this is going to be a very different wedding. We are hoping to do it outside and understand December is generally a cold month but in Oklahoma its usually sunny and 70'.

She added: "Just a few things to ask... I hand picked all the dresses [for] bridesmaid that will be there and they will all be a size 8. So if you're not a size 8 I recommend hitting the gym.

The text messages were shared by one of the bridesmaids on Reddit:
Reddit/ @junebugg85

"No offence to anyone but I have had this planned since I was in diapers and want it perfect."

You'd think that would be the end of the rather demanding requests, but no, the bride didn't stop there.

"Your nails need to be cut short and uncoloured. Hair needs to be shoulder length and straighten so if your hair is short get extensions," the bride continued, adding that fake tan will also be prohibited.

She carried on: "We also want no kids at the ceremony. Except my flower girl. But she will only be present to throw flowers then her parents are taking her home.

"I'm sorry if this seems like a lot of demands but this [is a] special day and just want it like I always pictured. Plz be respectful and we will have an awesome time [sic]."

Unsurprisingly, the bridesmaids were not impressed by the text (stock photo).
Mat James Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

The woman ended off the bombshell text message by saying: "One last thing I'll be sending my Venmo and cash app to the ones who haven't paid the $500 donation towards honeymoon in Hawaii.

"Love you guys can't wait to be a wifey."


As you'd probably expect, the person who posted the text to Reddit, dropped out of the bridal party.

And those who came across the post were quick to agree with her decision.

"Disgusting, they should just go to a local B n B if they can't afford to pay for the trip themselves or at least encourage small donations of what people can afford," one person said.

A second added: "I really hope she gets a well deserved reality check and there's only 4 people at her wedding."

Meanwhile, a third remarked: "Hopefully the groom has the good sense to not show up as well!"

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash / Reddit/ @junebugg85

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