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Bride-to-be reveals fiancé wants her to wear red wedding dress because she's not a virgin

Bride-to-be reveals fiancé wants her to wear red wedding dress because she's not a virgin

A bride-to-be has revealed how her fiancé wants her to wear at their wedding because she's not a virgin.

A bride-to-be has revealed how her fiancé wants her to wear a red dress to their wedding because she's not a virgin.

While it is obviously tradition for the bride to wear a white dress on her wedding day, we do see less conventional attire.

But it appears that this anonymous woman does not want to stray away from tradition, and it is rather her fiancé that wants her to wear red.

The 27-year-old woman from the US took to Reddit's Off My Chest forum to explain her predicament.

The man wanted his fiancé to wear a red wedding dress.
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At the end of last year, the woman explained that she met her fiancé, who was given the fake name Ryan, six years ago, and they got engaged in 2022.

In the post, she claimed that her partner had mostly left the planning of the wedding to her, and would offer his input on occasion.

But the bride was left shocked when she came home from work one day and her partner told her that he didn't think she should wear white on the big day.

She wrote: "This was totally weird to me. Ryan is a very artistic guy, so I figured this was more about how the photos would turn out or something along those lines, but I’m set on wearing white.

"I told him this and I could see that he was annoyed but he let it go."

Despite that, the woman picked up her white wedding dress two weeks later, when a huge argument broke out as a result.

The couple ended up having a big argument when the woman bought a white dress.
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The woman continued: "He asked to see the dress I picked, but I said no because I wanted it to be a surprise for our wedding day.

"He asked me to at least tell him what color it was, and when I said white, he threw a fit."

The woman couldn't see the problem with wearing white, so she quizzed her partner further on what his problem was.

The man then revealed that he thought she should wear red on the big day, the woman added: "He told me that brides only wear white when they are pure."

In the post, the woman then explained how she had a long-term boyfriend in school before she met Ryan.

He, on the other hand, was a virgin when he met the woman - which brought a lot of problems in the first year of dating, according to the woman.

The row had put doubts on the wedding.
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Following the argument, Ryan asked his mum's opinion, who surprisingly took the woman's side.

The woman concluded her post: "Ryan is still stating that me wearing white would be deceiving all of the guests and that it is different for guys.

"He’s not even religious so I know this is just about him still thinking about me losing my virginity at 18 before I even knew him."

The woman is now questioning whether to go through with the wedding as the conversation left her feeling 'disgusted'.

The post has blown up on Reddit, with over 1,400 comments amassed so far, with the vast majority saying the woman should cancel the wedding.

"I’m not sure I would want to marry a man who acted this way," one person said.

Meanwhile, a second added: "Girl, run! Disrespectful, petty, immature, to name a few red flags."

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