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Couple from Don’t Tell The Bride’s ‘worst ever’ wedding says they split after just nine months

Couple from Don’t Tell The Bride’s ‘worst ever’ wedding says they split after just nine months

This infamous Don't Tell The Bride couple split up after just nine months

Don't Tell The Bride is over fifteen years old - yes, we can't believe it either - and in that time, there has been a lot of drama.

For those unaware with the premise of the show, it basically follows different couples who are planning on tying the knot given and are given certain amount of money for the big day by Channel 4.

But the groom has to solely organise every part of the big day, from where the reception will take place to the dress for the bride.

In its 14 seasons, there have been a lot of close breakups as many of the grooms seem to do the complete opposite to what their brides want.

And one of the most infamous couples, branded as the 'worst ever' on the Channel 4 and E4 show, is Simon and Kayleigh.

Simon and best man Anthony left Kayleigh furious and in floods of tears as they blew a lot of the money on a Las Vegas wedding.

Kayleigh wanted a country wedding, but Simon decided against that and thought a wedding in Vegas would be a better idea.

During the two-week period that the couple were apart, Simon and best man Anthony spent much of their time enjoying Sin City, and he spent that much money on activities such as gambling that the guest list for the wedding had to be reduced to just six people, with many close family members not invited.

Simon has been talking about the controversial wedding all these years later.
Channel 4

Kayleigh was also devastated by the wedding dress that Simon had chosen for her, with him choosing a princess-style frock in ivory.

When Kayleigh received the dress just days before the big day, she burst into tears during the fitting, but not in a good way.

She said: "What the hell's he thinking? It's just a joke."

That disgusted by the dress, a replacement was brought by Kayleigh mum's out of her own pocket.

But that was only the start of the fallout as there were more tears at the airport when Kayleigh found out that she was getting married in Vegas and that some of her family - including her brother - would not be going.

On a phone call at the airport, she accused Simon of ripping her family apart, with Simon later saying that he hated himself for losing Kayleigh's family's respect.

Kayleigh did eventually fly out, though she was still undecided if she was going to marry Simon.

But after sleeping on it, the couple did get married the next day - but their happiness was very much short lived.

Despite the drama, the couple did get married in the end... but it was short lived.
Channel 4

The couple split up just nine months after the wedding, as shortly after returning home from Vegas, Simon got a job abroad.

Kayleigh had a strong desire to remain in the UK, which prompted the couple to end their marriage early.

Speaking on the wedding in a recent 'check in', Simon revealed the couple's divorce was finalised in 2020, adding: "I just wanted to get the best of both worlds, the country wedding she wanted but in Vegas."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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