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Wedding Guests Reveal The Biggest 'Red Flags' That Hint Couple Won't Last

Wedding Guests Reveal The Biggest 'Red Flags' That Hint Couple Won't Last

It's easy to spot red flags at a white wedding.

It's very rare that anyone's wedding day goes off without a hitch - whether its a flower order gone wrong or a family member getting a little bit too happy at the reception.

But while some harmless mishaps can be over-looked, others are major red flags that should absolutely not be ignored.

Taking to Reddit, traumatised guests discussed the biggest red flags they had ever seen at friends and family's weddings.

People are discussing the biggest red flags they've seen at weddings. (

Starting off strong with a proper Friends moment, one Redditor wrote: "The groom said the wrong name during the vows"

A second shared that he knew the wedding he attended was doomed when the bride "posted on Facebook that it was 'the worst day of her life.'"

A third jaded wedding guest wrote: "Groom was clearly having a good time, bride was visibly uncomfortable. When it came time for vows the groom had a long list and read it off nicely. The bride said something along the lines of 'I'm just gonna wing it - basically you're my best friend' and trailed off soon after. Thank god for the open bar."

One user revealed that he had gone to a "dual wedding", adding: "That’s right folks, TWO sets of my friends got married at the same time; I thought it was f***ing stupid and neither marriage would last two years. I was right."

It's giving Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson in Bride Wars.


Another Redditor recalled: "During the vows the bride laughed at the 'for richer or poorer' part and wouldn't say it. Somehow they're still going strong. I sure hope he never loses his job."

Is there anything worse than a bride and groom who aren't on the same page?

One guest witnessed exactly that when she showed up to a wedding where "the groom refused to get dressed & wore a black T-shirt & sneakers. The bride looked incredible in her gown & he looked like he was popping to the shops for a pack of ciggies."

This Redditor's dad really knew how to spot a marriage that wouldn't last. The user wrote: "At a wedding, the bride marrying this handsome guy often described as the "total package". My dad, a psychologist, sitting next to me, leans over and whispers in my ear: "he's gay". Groom came out of the closet one year later, they divorced.

"Tl;Dr: My dad has amazing gaydar."

Can you tell whether a marriage will last based on their wedding? (

If the happy couple don't seem so, well, happy, it's probably a sign that things won't last too long - as this Reddit user can vouch for.

They commented: "The groom wouldn’t stop talking about the marriage like it was a prison sentence. He incessantly went on about how it was the end of his freedom and how he was going to be tied down to 'the ball and chain' now. They were divorced in just under a year."

Who knew that so many things could go wrong?!

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