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A woman left her friends and family baffled after announcing her plans to move back in with her ex-husband and his wife.

As if that wasn't tough enough to get your head around, wait until you hear that the woman's new wife is moving in, too.

Most people can't think of anything worse than living with their ex after breaking up, and mum Jennifer initially seemed to be following this line of thinking after splitting up from her husband, John.

Jennifer and John welcomed a child before they split.

The pair had been together for five years and share a son together, but after their split Jennifer went on to marry her new wife, Chantel.

John moved on too, marrying wife Danielle and welcoming a daughter, Mikaela.

John and Jennifer stayed in touch, which isn't unusual considering they share a child, but the exes were a little closer than most, so much so that when Jennifer and Chantel wanted to grow their family, they asked John to be their sperm donor.

The four adults are now featuring on the TLC show Waiting to Ex-Hale, where they announced that they're taking their relationship to the next level.

During a gathering to celebrate a birthday, Jennifer told the group of friends and family members that 'after a long deliberation', she, Chantel, John and Danielle had decided they were 'all going to live together under one roof'.

John's second wife is prepared for his ex to move in.

The revelation was, understandably, met with shock, with some of the crowd chuckling as they appeared lost for words.

Jennifer explained that the family members were going to 'see how that works' and expressed belief that the situation was 'going to be great', but some of her loved ones made it clear they weren't on board with the suggestion.

"It's a bad idea," Jennifer's mum, Dalorah, said. "There's nothing good that can come out of that."

Jennifer's dad, Bradley, shared a similar opinion as he said: "No way, I would not live with three baby mamas."

Meanwhile, Chantel's dad admitted that he came from 'another era' and said the relationship between the four adults was like 'nothing' he'd ever seen in his life.

Jennifer explained the family planned to 'try it out and see where it goes', and while Danielle admitted that a lot of people think they're 'crazy' for moving in together, she expressed belief the living situation could be 'helpful'.

Chantel said she wasn't supportive of the idea, but that it was 'three against one'.

With the family prepared to see how the situation works out, I guess we'll just have to wait for updates!

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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