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Woman Baffled After Tinder Date Takes Her Home To Play Golf

Woman Baffled After Tinder Date Takes Her Home To Play Golf

This is rather bizarre.

A baffled woman has revealed how her Tinder date took her home to play a round of golf - for three hours.

You can watch the clip below:

TikToker @taypole took to the video sharing platform where she explained: "POV you match with a guy on Tinder and he brings you home to putt in his living room for three hours."

The woman later added: "Tinder ain’t what it used to be #tigerwoods."

And other followers can't stop laughing at the video, with one writing: "Lmao, the vacuum got me."

The woman was shocked (

Others had very important questions, such as: "Does he always have a mini green on his floor? Or did you come over and he said HOLD ON lemme [sic] roll it out?"

With @taypole responding: "HAHAHA it’s new so I’m assuming it will always be on the floor now. It’s the new rug."

Others were quick to defend the man, however, with a number of men taking to the comments to ask 'what the problem was'.

One wrote: "What’s the problem?"

While another said: "This guy is a legend."

And a third added: "So you found a king?"

Other TikTokers were loving the fact the date was playing golf (

In other relationship news, we told you about the woman who revealed she had joined an online forum to vent about her husband only to find out her husband had been a member of the group all along.

In a letter to's Dear Prudence column, the woman explained she joined the group to discuss relationship problems, but after venting about her issues, she noticed her husband had been "really good at changing some of [his] behaviours". It was only when she was using his computer that she realised why.

The woman went on to explain that she hasn't confronted him about it, and isn't sure whether to tell him she knows, or let it be, adding that it's a "convenient way to indirectly communicate my frustrations to him".

What would you do?

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Taypole

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