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Woman Discovers Husband Secretly Joined Group She Had Been Complaining About Him In

Woman Discovers Husband Secretly Joined Group She Had Been Complaining About Him In

This is hilarious.

A woman has revealed how she joined an online forum to vent about her husband only to find out her husband had been a member of the group all along.

Err... awkward!

The woman asked for advice in a Dear Prudence column (

In a letter to's Dear Prudence column, the woman explained she joined the group to discuss relationship problems, but after venting about her issues, she noticed her husband had been "really good at changing some of [his] behaviours". It was only when she was using his computer that she realised why.

"... Now I know why. While using his laptop, I happened to notice him logged in as one of the members of my group!" She wrote.

"He created a fake persona and has seen every gripe I ever typed about him!"

The woman explained that she hasn't confronted him about it, and isn't sure whether to tell him she knows, or let it be, adding that it's a "convenient way to indirectly communicate my frustrations to him".

She found out her husband is also a member (

Columnist Emily responded to the woman's letter with some firm advice, explaining: "I’m sure my husband would love me to follow your lead and post my complaints online instead of expressing them directly to him. Then he’d follow your husband’s example of not discussing any of this with me."

She pointed out that: "It’s also possible that you haven’t paid enough attention to the male poster on this site who complains that his hypercontrolling witch of a wife doesn’t even appreciate when he makes the changes she wants."

Emily advised that communication is always the best option (

However, ultimately, Emily advised that communication is always the best option.

"I suggest that, to get back to face-to-face communication, you tell your online audience that your husband has undergone a remarkable transformation and you’re so moved by this that you’re going to let him know how much his efforts have meant to you. Then do so, in person, including letting your husband know you know he’s a member of your rant group," she said.

What would you do?

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