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People Are Slamming Hinge Match For Requesting Payment For Dinner

People Are Slamming Hinge Match For Requesting Payment For Dinner


In today’s edition of ‘How do men have the audacity?’, one woman revealed how her date sent a transfer request to insist she paid her half for dinner.

Watch the video below.


While we have no problem with paying our share for dinner, it was TikTok user @Alyssarah2’s explanation to her Hinge date that made her date’s request a little strange.

Having racked up 24,200 views on TikTok, as well as over 600 likes, people flocked to the comments to call out her date’s weird manner.

“Nah don’t pay him,” one person wrote. “You offered and he insisted. He lost his chance.”

Alyssa shared the text she got (
TikTok - alyssarah2)

“The audacity. How embarrassing for him, I could NEVER!” said a second.

A third added: “He should have just accepted your offer instead of doing about it in a shady way later. It’s such a coward move.”

“Why are the men doing this all of the sudden?!” questioned a fourth bewildered fan, and a fifth said: “Throw the whole man away.”

Others said that maybe the date in question only paid in full to give a positive impression.

“What a clown, he probably wanted to look good in front of the restaurant staff,” one person wrote, adding a clown face emoji,

“I would have said you had your chance and you passed,” a second joked.

And Alys made it clear she wasn’t prepared to acquiesce to her Hinge date’s request.

Replying to one comment, Alys said: “Declined the Venmo request right away…hell no.”

In other relationships news, one girlfriend was left unimpressed thanks to her boyfriend’s fairly loveless Valentine’s Day card.

The Venmo request was denied (

TikTok user Beth Walton had people in hysterics when she shared the concise card that accompanied her bouquet of flowers that arrived on February 14th.

Having attracted nearly half a million views and 55,000 likes, viewers couldn’t help but shriek with laughter at the gift.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok - alyssarah2/Alamy

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