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Virgin Galactic Releases New Ticket Opportunities For Tourists To Fly Into Space

Virgin Galactic Releases New Ticket Opportunities For Tourists To Fly Into Space

You can now register your interest along with a deposit and you'll be pushed to the front of the sales queue for tickets when they land.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

If you've been waiting eagerly for the next batch of tickets to drop for tourist flights into space then we have good news, you can sign up and register for the next lot of Virgin Galactic space tickets now.

Virgin Galacatic is set to fly non-professional astronauts into space "safely and enjoyably, in high acceleration and micro-gravity" environments, something that could potentially happen as early as this year and you now have another chance to be one of them.

Today the organisation launched an initiative called One Small Step to help identify those who are "serious about flying into space," ready for when the next tickets come on sale (the first lot were sold in 2018), due to an overwhelming amount of registered interest up to now.

The seriousness is echoed by the $1,000 (approx. £773) deposit you need to deliver on sign up and the final cost which Virgin has confirmed will be more than $250,000 (approx £193,193) - the amount people paid in the first ticket sale.

This flying into space business certainly isn't cheap - that would literally buy us a small property to live in. We suppose it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, just not one many of us will be able to afford anytime soon.

The tickets are outrageously expensive but are still in high demand (

The sign up will put you to the front of the queue, ready for when new tickets become available - although it has not been revealed when that will be, nor when the flights will take place.

Initially, Virgin Galactic thought that these flights would begin this year - but it has not confirmed an exact date since.

If successful, you will be asked if you want to confirm your seat and the money will be put towards your future spaceflight deposit. If you are not successful or change your mind, the money will be refunded.

Virgin has confirmed the ticket sales for the next round will cost more than the original of $250,000 (
Virgin Galactic)

All you need to do alongside having $1,000 readily available is fill out the application form here. But hurry because sign ups are limited.

If you haven't heard much about it before, then let us enlighten you. The spaceship will take regular people up into space, allowing them to explore space without intensive astronaut training.

Whilst astronauts who fly rockets need years of training, thanks to the carefully designed spaceship and short flight, you will need just three days of pre-flight training, which is mostly to get you used to the g-forces you'll experience.

Virgin currently has two reusable vehicles: WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo (
Virgin Galactic)

You won't even need to take a huge chunk of holiday from your work allowance, as the flight itself will be around two hours long. The spaceship will fly over three times faster than the speed of sound.

Whilst on board, you will experience weightlessness and float around the cabin and at the end of the flight the spaceship will be pulled back into the earth's atmosphere by gravity, before returning to the ground like an aircraft.

It certainly sounds epic - now where to find a quarter of a million pounds...

Register here.

Featured Image Credit: Virgin Galactic

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