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Relationship expert reveals the people with certain professions are most likely to cheat

Relationship expert reveals the people with certain professions are most likely to cheat

She didn't hold back with her self-assessments

A dating expert has listed the jobs people who are willing to facilitate cheating in their relationship are likely to have - and it turns out some clichés are totally true.

Infidelity rates are on the rise among women are on the rise, according to an investigation agency.

Published findings discovered that 20 percent of married men and 13 percent of married women have admitted to having sex with someone outside of their relationship.

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And in 2021, around 21 percent of survey respondents in the US admitted to cheating on a partner.

Moreover, relationships expert Tracey Cox claims that 85 percent of affairs have roots in the workplace and that one in five employees confessed to cheating with a colleague.

The author wrote in her latest column for MailOnline that overnight conferences, office parties and boredom can all contribute to infidelity in the workplace.

She’s also outlined five careers that cheaters are likely to embark on - but claimed she based these predictions on likelihood and situations.


Pilots and Cabin Crew

The first profession that is apparently most likely to facilitate cheating is the aviation industry.

Tracey claims that pilots and cabin crews are top of the infidelity list because their partners are out of sight and out of mind.

“Their job puts them miles away from home; far, far away from the eyes of their partner, friends or family who might see them with someone else,” she explained.

She also said that pilots often get 'lonely' and that sexual frustration can 'build' due to the absence of their significant others.

“Add close relationships with other crew members who are in the same boat, and you can see why this profession tops a lot of the infidelity lists.”

Medical staff

Tracey explained that nurses, doctors and various medical staff are also likely to cheat on their partners due to having ‘extremely high self-esteem’.

“Research consistently proves the higher your self-esteem, the less likely you are to think that the rules which govern 'normal' people apply to you,” she writes.

“Nurses and other medical staff aren't immune and nurse/doctor affairs are still extremely common.”

She added that irregular work hours and constant emergencies can serve as the perfect excuses for illicit affairs.


Entrepreneurs and business owners make Tracey’s podium for the most likely profession to facilitate an affair.

According to the expert, this is because pioneers usually ‘thrive on risk’ and like to do things ‘their way’.

It’s also claimed that those who run their own company are also likely to take charge of their sex life similarly.

Bankers and financial workers

Those who work with money are more likely to cheat than others, says Tracey.

She claims that the ‘morals’ of your work colleagues ‘strongly influence’ others and that if you are spending time with risk-takers, their behaviour is likely to rub off.



The fourth and final career to make Tracey’s list is teachers.

However, she claims that they can strike up affairs for a multitude of ‘different reasons’.

“A lot of teachers experience burnout and dissatisfaction with their careers, which can spill over into their personal lives.

“Affairs provide validation and excitement and are a way of coping with these feelings.”

She also claimed that educators often feel ‘isolated and unsupported’ by partners due to their demanding job.

This allegedly makes them ‘more vulnerable’ and often leads to them seeking validation outside of their relationship.

As well as the four listed, Tracey says that those who are lawyers, work in sales and are employed by the military are also likely to cheat on their partners.

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