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Flight attendant reveals the 'green flags' passengers should be taking note of

Flight attendant reveals the 'green flags' passengers should be taking note of

The cabin crew member revealed how best to get into their good books

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If you've officially caught 'holiday fever' and are planning on jetting away from the rainy UK to a sizzlingly hot beach-side destination, apparently, you should be working on your aeroplane etiquette.

According to a flight attendant, there are several things that airline customers can do in order to win over their cabin crew and in turn, secure themselves the highest level of service.

And by the sounds of things, these 'green flag' behaviours go a little further than simply keeping your shoes on and abstaining from reclining your seat.

There are numerous ways to win over your cabin crew.
Getty/Jamie Lauritz

The flight attendant in question is Destaine - also known as @destanieaaa on TikTok - who recently lifted the lid on the things you can do which will tempt airline staff to give you a cool experience whilst souring through the clouds.

Respond to the crew who welcome you onboard

Whether you're jet-lagged AF or have endured a long wait at the airport, Destaine says it's imperative to greet your airline staff.

By giving them as little as a smile, or wishing them a brief 'Hello!' while lugging your colossal case down the aisle could secure you top-level attention during the course of your flight.

The attendant explained that it often makes her day when travellers take the time to strike up a conversation with her, as opposed to ignoring her.

"It feels like I’m actually connecting with people," she admitted. "I feel like I never have conversations with passengers."

Greeting your flight attendant is an immediate 'green flag'.
Getty/Hinterhaus Productions

Take note of instructions given by flight attendants

Frequent flyers might believe they know the safety instructions off by heart, but according to Destaine, refusing to pay attention to the demonstration can see your name immediately added to the crew's naughty list.

Alternatively, when passengers pop the Airpods back in the case and give the team their full attention, she finds it 'really cool'.

She also loves when passengers comply with rules on how to store baggage in the overhead compartment.

Use your manners

It might sound like a given, but according to Destaine, countless passengers board her flights without ever saying 'Please' or 'Thank you' to staff.

Apparently, however, it isn't just grown ups that are prone to bad manners, with the attendant claiming that 'bratty kids' are her biggest bug bears.

"When kids are well mannered, I’m literally like 'I think I do want kids'," she admitted.

Stick up for your cabin crew

If you observe a 'Karen' or a 'Kevin' (?) in their natural habitat - shouting and blaming an attendant for a minor inconvenience - you might be tempted to stick your earphones in and keep your head down.

Destaine confessed, however, that the 'greenest flag' you can do as a fellow holiday-maker is to show your support to the member of staff being subjected to criticism.

"I love when a passenger is giving me a hard time and another passenger is observing it and then they make a joke about it," she explained.

She says flirty married men are the worst.

Know your boundaries

Unfortunately, the attendant went on to reveal that one of the worst downsides of her job is passengers believing they can get a little bit 'too friendly' with cabin crew.

While she's all for a light-hearted chat with travellers - and even a joke or two - she can't bear married men hitting on her.

"The times that guys have tried to chat me up, they’ve always had a ring on their finger," she revealed.

So, holidaymakers, take note!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/destanieaaa/Compassionate Eye Foundation/Justin Pumfrey/Getty Images

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