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Dating expert shares three red flags that people should never say or do when in a relationship

Dating expert shares three red flags that people should never say or do when in a relationship

The expert encouraged people to think twice about their relationships if they recognise the red flags

Everyone has their own red flags to look out for in a relationship, but a dating expert has revealed three things in particular that your partner should 'NEVER' say or do.

Dating expert and TikToker, Jacob Lucas, has gained thousands of followers by sharing his tips and advice for dating, including guidance for singletons looking to find love, as well as help for those who are already in a relationship and just need a bit of enlightenment.

Jacob explained why each red flag is an issue.

Earlier this month, Jacob took to the platform to share some insight specifically aimed at those in a relationship - but it's definitely good to know for any future romances you might have, too.

His video focused on 'three things your boyfriend or girlfriend should NEVER say or do when in a relationship with you', as he explained: "If your partner is doing any of these things then you might want to reconsider if that is the right person for you because these are all major big red flags."

So, what are these huge red flags?

Well, the first one is as follows: "Whenever they do not get their own way with you they ghost you as a form of punishment."

Jacob explained that this kind of reaction encourages you to try and chase them to make things better, giving them a feeling of superiority over you and making it feel as if they are getting their own way, after all.

Number two: "Whenever you are in an argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend, instead of discussing it in a calm manner they always say they're going to leave the relationship, when they actually have no intention of leaving you at all."

This form of threat, Jacob said, is designed to make you 'anxious' that they'll split up with you, so you'll become more agreeable to their side of the argument.

"If they want to leave you, then whatever, but they should not be saying it as a tool to win an argument," Jacob said.

Third and finally: "They start negatively comparing you to other people - especially their exes."

Jacob described this tactic as a 'horrible thing to do in a relationship', noting it will 'always cause an argument'.

"Has anyone ever said or done these things to you?," Jacob wrote alongside his video, prompting an influx of comments from interested viewers.

While many have thanked Jacob for his advice, others have said they use his videos to help them grow as a person, with one person explaining: "I'm single, but I like watching this kind of video as if I do any of these things, I can find out why and change it."

With Jacob's advice, maybe we can all be dating experts!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jacoblucas101 / Pexels

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