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New Website Set Up So You Can Swap In Unwanted Gifts For Something Better

New Website Set Up So You Can Swap In Unwanted Gifts For Something Better

Your unwanted Christmas gifts can now be traded in for a new one.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Let's be honest, at Christmas everyone usually ends up with a stack of socks and bubble bath that has been given to them with all the best intentions, but doesn't quite hit the spot.

They'll sit in a dingy corner of our bedrooms, untouched, and then you'll discover them in a year and feel guilty for never having used them.

Well, now we have the perfect solution. Yep, the team behind Buyagift has created a new website called where you can exchange your old, unwanted gifts from Christmas Past.

The site, launched exclusively for Christmas 2020, will offer a free and instant online valuation which will show you what your unwanted prezzie is worth, running from Wednesday 28th October, right up until a week before the holidays, on Friday 18th December.

Simply pick what it is you have to swap and the website will value it (

All you have to do is enter the name of your unwanted gift into the site and then, if luck is on your side, you can exchange or upgrade it into something you'd rather have, within minutes.

The idea is you can switch the gift out for a present typically offered by experience days website Buyagift, to ensure that no Christmas gift leaves you underwhelmed.

Offering everything from a 5* Spa Day with Afternoon Tea to a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride polished off with a Supercar Driving experience, the site will be bringing one person the chance to swap one gift per hour, so you'd better hope the odds are in your favour.

If you end up bagging the hour's swap, you could be trading in your unwanted goods for a truly incredible experience (even if they aren't like-for-like in price - how generous!).

You're then offered to select an experience (

This means that even if you have an unwanted t-shirt from last Christmas which you haven't worn, you can now repurpose it into a gift for someone else this year, saving valuable pennies.

Or, you can just treat yourself to a fun day out - because who doesn't need some self love right now?

The best part is that is partnering with charity Shelter, and all the unwanted presents donated to the service will be taken and used to help people facing homelessness and bad housing in the UK.

How great is that?!

Your presents could be given to someone who needs them (

TV favourite Joe Swash is working with the website and the charity on the campaign, after admitting he sometimes screws up when it comes to buying gifts.

He said: "When it comes to buying presents for Stacey [Solomon] and the kids, I've been known to play it safe and get it wrong a few times... that's why this new service is such a great idea.

"We all know about exchanging our old, unwanted cars online - why not do the same for that old gift set or pair of pyjamas that are getting dusty under your bed!

"It's especially good to know that not only will the service allow you to get a memorable present that you've been eyeing up, but the Shelter partnership also means that you can turn old items in to help for people across the UK this Christmas."

Joe's not alone, either. Research shows that 94 per cent of Brits pretend to like Christmas gifts that aren't actually their thing, while two fifths already expect to receive something they know they won't like.

Joe Swash has teamed up with Buyagift (

What's more, 86 per cent of the UK having received an nwanted gift at least once while stats show these are more often than not fobbed off to an extended family member (44 per cent), a secret Santa (41 per cent), or even a good friend (38 per cent).

So, who are we kidding? Let's cash in that toiletry gift set for a massage and that PJ set for a glamping trip for two.

It's win, win, right?!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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