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There's Going To Be Harvest Moon This Weekend And It's Set To Be Beautiful

There's Going To Be Harvest Moon This Weekend And It's Set To Be Beautiful

The September full moon is known for its stunning orange hue - you don't want to miss this one.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Everyone loves a full moon - there's something totally incredible about looking up into the sky at night and seeing a humungous ball of light - and this month's is soon upon us.

September's full moon is called the Harvest Moon, and it's a favourite among stargazers.


The ninth full moon of the year is called the Harvest Moon (or sometimes the Corn Moon) as it falls closest to the Autumn Equinox, marking the 'astronomical' start of the season. We're treated to full moons during the mid-point of the monthly lunar cycle, which last roughly 29.53 days.

The Harvest Moon, known for its beautiful orange colour, will be visible on Friday 13th but peak on Saturday 14th September - so cancel all plans, set up a deck chair in your garden or on your balcony, and grab your binoculars.

In terms of timings, on Friday the moon will be brightest in the sky at around 5.32am BST. In London, this is one hour before the moon sets for the day ahead.

On Saturday however, the moon will reach full illumination, setting at 6.25am BST and rising again at 7.54pm BST.


For those of us into astrology, September's full moon falls in the sign of Pisces, but its lunar effects are expected to affect us all - no matter our star sign - bringing an energy shift.

And as those with the star sign are known for their romantic, wistful, comforting and wise qualities, it's sure to be an interesting lunar experience.

"A full moon in Pisces is an emotional ending," astrologer Lisa Stardust told Bustle. "This luminary in particular is a very complicated one because we may not want to let go easily. In fact, we may feel stuck and the feeling of inertia will cause emotions to rise."

The upcoming full moon is also considered responsible with unearthing suppressed emotions. This is coupled with a feeling of being hypersensitive. So in short: be kind to yourself around the full moon.


Because the Harvest Moon is the last full moon before the season's change, it also represents 'harvesting' all we can from summer before we move into autumn.

The Harvest Moon will be a micro moon, as opposed to the well-known super moon which appears bigger in the sky due to its relative relation to the Earth. However, despite its name, the Harvest Moon will still be an incredible sight and one worth getting up for.

Other months this year include: January 21st's Wolf Moon, February 19th's Snow Moon, March 21st's Worm Moon, April 19th's Pink Moon, May 18th's Flower Moon, June 17th's Strawberry Moon, July 16th's Buck Moon, August 15th's Sturgeon Moon, September 14th's Full Corn Moon, October 13th's Hunter's Moon, November 12th's Beaver's Moon, and December 12th's Cold Moon.

Happy stargazing!

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