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You're Most Likely To Break Your New Year's Resolutions This Weekend

You're Most Likely To Break Your New Year's Resolutions This Weekend

Most Brits give into temptation on the third weekend of January, research shows.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Are you the kind of person who's full of good intentions on the 1st January, vowing to banish the booze, cut out carbs and sack off sugary treats, only to cave a couple of weeks down the line?

We feel you. It's hard to stay on that wagon - and frankly, we need all the joy we can get in January.

The good news is, you're not alone. According to research by Deliveroo, this weekend is the time when Brits are most likely to break all those well-meaning New Year resolutions.

Over the Christmas party season, the takeaway delivery service unsurprisingly sees booze orders surge, with deliveries of prosecco and champagne rocketing by an incredible 132%.

These then plummet in the New Year, as people across the country do their best to undo all that festive indulgence by living the healthy life with Dry January.

It seems Brits up and down the country give into their cravings on the third weekend of January (

Research has shown that around two thirds of Brits successfully complete the challenge, but for those who don't, there may be a pattern to when their will power crumbles.

Data gathered by Deliveroo showed that in 2019, orders of booze made a significant jump on Friday 18th January at 6.56pm.

Hilariously, it seems Brits up and down the country gave into their cravings on the third weekend of January, as they gave into the temptation of a Friday night bevvy.

The same trend reared its head in the sugar stakes. At 7.49pm on Sunday 20th January, Deliveroo noted a spike in orders of desserts, ice-cream and cakes.

Deliveroo saw a spike in orders of desserts, ice cream and cakes on Sunday 20th January 2019 (

Sometimes we need a sweet treat to help with that Sunday sadness, tbh. Especially in January.

Deliveroo expect to see similar surges this year - at least no one can accuse us of being unpredictable, right?

According to the data, the UK cities with the least willpower when it comes to sugar and alcohol are:

1. Leicester

2. Cardiff

3. Southampton

4. Bristol

5. Coventry

The food delivery service expect to see similar food ordering patterns - signalling broken resolutions - in 2020 (

While those with the greatest will power are:

1. Glasgow

2. Cambridge

3. Brighton

4. Exeter

5. Bath

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said, "Most of us stride into the New Year with solid intentions and we have the utmost admiration for anyone with enough will-power to be good all month."

"If temptation does get the better of you this weekend, at least you can have your fix discreetly behind closed doors."

Amen to that. Deep-pan pizza and prosecco, anyone?

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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