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Hilarious Reason You Should Never Sit On Velvet Sofa With Leggings

Hilarious Reason You Should Never Sit On Velvet Sofa With Leggings

The embarrassment is REAL...

One woman has shared a moment of embarrassment, and girl we feel you. We've all been there.

The post, shared in Facebook group Girlsmouth, has gone viral with over 2,300 likes and over 800 comments - many from women who have been in the same position.

The post features a teal blue velvet chair with a questionable imprint after a woman has been sat on it in leggings. Alongside the obvious outline of her legs is another distinct outline. Yep, we know you know what it is.

An embarrassing moment has gone viral on Facebook (

The poster shared her moment of shame alongside the warning caption: "GIRLS, REMINDER TO NOT LEAN FORWARD ON A VELVET SOFA WITH TIGHT LEGGINGS ON 😳🙃".

And many other women were quick to share their experiences of similar moments.

One woman wrote: "Reminds me of primary school on a hot day in assembly getting up and leaving butt crack mark haha"

Another confessed: "It’s VERY real".

A third shared her experience of it happening to her, saying: "This happens at the gym #SweatyFannyOutline".

A fourth tagged in her friend saying: "remember doing this on the floor at kickboxing".

So it's not just us that it's happened to then?

Plenty of women shared their moments in the Facebooj thread (

Whilst others showed off their embarrassing moments, some questioned if the original post was wearing any clothes at all.

One critic wrote: "Must be sat on it naked to do this 😂"

Another shared: 'She gotta stop wearing 'leggings'"

Whereas some comments thought the post must be a set up, and queried whether it was true or not.

One said: "How is that even possible lol surely this is fake lol"

Another added: "😂i find it hard to believe but its funny🙈".

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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