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You Can Now Earn £50 An Hour As A TikTok Reviewer

You Can Now Earn £50 An Hour As A TikTok Reviewer

Where do we sign up?!

From cooking clips to DIY hacks and beauty tricks, it's easy to spend hours scrolling through TikTok.

If this sounds like you, then listen up - you can now get paid £50 an hour to watch and review TikToks for 10 hours per day.

You can now get paid £50 an hour to watch and review TikToks (

Company is on the search for a TikTok Hack Reviewer, to watch DIY hack videos.

The company 'seeks to improve efficiency in the construction supply industry by connecting customers with the most appropriate suppliers to fulfil their needs'.

The successful applicant will be hired to watch DIY and home renovation videos, review them, and take notes on the ones that look the most useful. explain prior DIY knowledge is preferable, as well as proven digital skills and content creation experience.

Applications close on 22nd December (

"We’re excited to announce that we’re looking for our very first ‘TikTok Hack Reviewer’ in a brand new job role for the new year as we continue to build our business!" They explain.

"We are recruiting the unique role to help create content on the Materials Market website as we’re looking to build new content and on-site guides to help our customers.

"Applicants with proven digital skills and previous content creation experience are desirable but as we’d prefer the applicant to have prior DIY knowledge, written training can be provided. We believe this is a great, unique role for anyone who enjoys DIY."

There's also flexible and remote working (

Samuel Hunt, co-founder of, said: “We’ve all seen hacks online – especially DIY ones – that can be useful but on the other hand, ones that are not reliable at all and can result in disaster! This is a perfect way to use a fun platform like TikTok to further the Materials Market ethos and make the lives of DIY enthusiasts and wannabe home renovators a bit easier with our on-site guides.

“I am absolutely certain that this is going to be a dream job for many - since a lot of people tend to waste time on TikTok for free - so I recommend getting applications in as early as possible.”

The successful candidate will be paid £50 per hour and will benefit from flexible hours, remote working and WiFi costs covered.

You can find out more info on how to apply here, with applications closing on 22nd December.

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