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Bridesmaid Sparks Debate After Giving Newlyweds Rude 'Advice Cards'

Bridesmaid Sparks Debate After Giving Newlyweds Rude 'Advice Cards'

We can't help but think this is kinda awkward!

A bridesmaid has caused a debate online after revealing the cheeky NSFW ‘advice card’ given to the bride at a wedding.

The card was passed around at a bridal shower and guests were asked to complete it with advice for the newlyweds - and this one in particular left very little to the imagination.

It includes prompts and a underlined empty space for the guest to write a phrase. The first prompt is ‘Always’ and the bridesmaid wrote “swallow”. Under ‘Never’ she said "spit" and after ‘Don’t Forget To’ she said "pee after." You can see where this is going.

The anonymous bridesmaid continued the theme for the other categories, answering the prompt ‘A Lasting Marriage Is Built on These Three Things’ with “sex, drugs and rock and roll.”

The card has caused a stir online (

At the end of the newlywed ‘advice’ card, she wrote “rub one out” after ‘Sometimes You Need To’. Finally, she answered ‘I Wish You Both’ with “orgasms and good poops.”

The card divided Reddit, with some users claiming to find it funny while others were not so impressed.

"Not my humour but I'd still find it mildly funny more than I would offensive. I'll take toilet humour over more 'ball and chain' jokes any day," wrote on Reddit user.

A second person added: "Why do people think they’re allowed to comment on a couple’s sex life just because they’re getting married? This is so gross ugh."

The card was distributed at a bridal shower (

Other people defended the card. "We had cards like this at our wedding, if one of my guests filled one in like this, it would have made my day I'd have found it so funny... but i do have a warped sense of humour," one Reddit account admitted.

Another person replied: "These were handed out at my friends Hen party and we filled them in like this.... Not realising she was going to read them out loud over breakfast the next morning to enjoy our heartfelt advice.

"I was so mortified when she got to mine as it was so dirty and everyone else was like Never... Go to bed angry Always... Remember to say I love you."

And some commenters were keen to note that remembering to "pee after" was actually sound advice.

One comment received more than 2,000 upvotes. It said: "Don't forget to pee after is actually great advice."

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