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People Are Obsessed With This 'Chicken Nugget' Birthday Cake From Asda

People Are Obsessed With This 'Chicken Nugget' Birthday Cake From Asda

ASDA has created the perfect birthday cake for anybody who likes gorging on a bargain bucket.

If you're a chicken nugget obsessive then we think you're going to go nuts over ASDA's new birthday cake.

Designed to look exactly like a bargain bucket full of nugs, the cake is actually made of soft Madeira sponge layered with sweet raspberry jam, and coated in Speculoos Biscuit Crumb.

There are “nuggets” on top, which are actually separate slabs of delicious cake dunked in biscuit crumb so they look like they're breaded.

And the whole thing is drizzled with more raspberry jam, to imitate the ketchup that's usually slathered on top.

The cake looks clucking incredible (

The cake is being dubbed the Birthday Bucket Cake by ASDA, and can be bought online or in your local store, serving 20 people for £12.

When blog Money Saver Online shared the incredible find on social media, it's safe to say the nugs fans assembled.

"That looks clucking delicious!," wrote one person in the comments.

As another tagged their friend and penned: "Oh my god this is the most perfect cake for you I’ve ever seen".

Others kind of wished the cake was actually made of chicken though - as delicious as it sounds.

"Shame it’s not KFC but it’s close," one wrote.

The cake is designed to look like a bucket of nuggets (
Money Saver Online)

Meanwhile, a fellow sceptic said: "I can’t help but think that if you were a chicken lover a cake pretending to be chicken wouldn’t make you happy. Id just want the chicken".

And others found the whole thing downright confusing.

"I can’t figure out whether it looks nice or wrong," one laughed, as another concurred, adding : "Naw this actually makes me feel uncomfortable".

You can buy yourself the Birthday Bucket cake here. If chicken isn't your thing, don't worry, there are lots of other options, too.

This cake is almost too cute to eat (

The store also released the super-cute Ginny the Guinea Pig cake, and it's putting M&S' Colin the Caterpillar to shame.

As opposed to a super chocolatey Swiss roll, little Ginny is made up of soft Madeira sponge layered with fruity raspberry jam and frosting, finished with sweet edible decorations.

At £10 a cake, Ginny may be a little more pricey compared to a more traditional caterpillar cake, but she’s certainly a good alternative for kids who may not be huge fans of more choc-heavy offerings – and she’s perfectly plentiful, serving around 12 people.

Featured Image Credit: ASDA

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