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Where to watch new thriller that viewers are hooked on from the writers of Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes

Where to watch new thriller that viewers are hooked on from the writers of Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes

The bank holiday weather may not be looking great, but at least it's a good chance to curl up with some great telly

With the weekend upon us, we're all on the lookout for a gripping new watch - especially as the bank holiday this time isn't looking like it'll be bringing the gorgeous heatwave we had in mind.

At least we've got a new six-part British thriller to get stuck into, courtesy of the same writer behind Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes.

Adapted from Sarah Pinborough's 2022 novel, it stars Line of Duty's Vicky McClure at the helm as Emma.

Vicky McClure's back in a new six-part thriller (Paramount)
Vicky McClure's back in a new six-part thriller (Paramount)

The rest of the cast also includes: Tom Cullen as Robert husband of McClure's character, Smylie Bradwell and India Fowler as their children Will and Chloe, and Leanne Best as Emma's estranged sister Phoebe.

The plot follows Emma, who is approaching her 40th birthday, as she's forced to navigate and investigate her past after developing debilitating insomnia.

If you hadn't guessed it already, the is none other than Insomnia. Check out the official trailer here:

Even though it just dropped yesterday, there's already a lot of hype from eager viewers.

One X user penned: "The new Vicky McClure show Insomnia is a BELTER. reminds me of Smile."

A second chimed in: "Just watched 1st episode & it's every bit as good as I thought it would be!!"

"This book gave me Insomnia because I couldn't put it down!! Will be brilliant to see how the TV show has been done. Congrats," praised another.

A fifth revealed: "Insomnia has me hooked already! Loved the first two episodes. Roll on next Thursday!"

If you're keen to tune in too, you'll need a Paramount+ membership, which costs £6.99 a month.

However, the streamer is offering a free seven-day trial for new users, which could be the perfect shout to keep you entertained over the drizzly bank holiday weekend.

Vicky McClure in Insomnia (Paramount)
Vicky McClure in Insomnia (Paramount)

Opening up about why she was so eager to take on the role, McClure told Digital Spy: "I think there's a couple of things. First and foremost, it's something I would have watched. I read it and went, Oh, I'd have watched that and gone, 'I wish I was in that'. Two, I think Sarah [Pinborough]'s writing was just extremely readable. You just go, this is something that is very well developed.

"And the sister relationship actually. It was quite nice seeing something that harnessed that in such a big way. I've got a sister – a very different relationship to what Emma and Phoebe have. But my sister, I can't live without, so there's this real interesting relationship. I enjoyed that and felt I could bring something to it."

She added: "I turned 40 last year, she was turning 40 in the show. I was like, this is a sign. And then just the general difference in terms of the tone of the show and a character that I haven't really played before or for a very long time."

Well, that's this weekend's plans sorted!

Insomnia is currently available to stream on Paramount+

Featured Image Credit: Paramount+

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