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Real reason MAFS Australia star Richard Sauerman always wears a scarf

Real reason MAFS Australia star Richard Sauerman always wears a scarf

He explained the four main reasons

MAFS Australia has been providing us with a whole load of drama, bombshell revelations, relationship chaos and - seemingly - fashion statements.

One contestant on the reality dating show - which sees a group of strangers get married the moment they first meet at the altar - has built up quite the reputation for loving a good scarf.

The MAFS Australia star in question, Richard Sauerman, has now finally revealed exactly why he always wears the colourful neck accessories.

OK, so for a little bit of context, Richard, who was paired up with Andrea Thompson, has become well known among viewers at home for wearing an eye-catching scarf in pretty much every scene he appears in.

And his hefty collection clearly hasn't gone unnoticed, with many viewers rushing to social media to share their thoughts and theories on the style choice.

One fan wondered: "Does Richard actually sleep in a scarf?"

A second jokingly chimed in: "Do you reckon Richard wears a scarf in the shower?"

"Why is Richard wearing a scarf making breakfast?" asked a third, while a fourth penned: "How many different colours of that scarf does Richard own?!"

MAFS Australia's Richard Sauerman clearly has an affinity for scarves.
Channel 9

A fifth suggested: "Must have been a paid advertisement," while another speculated: "He might just have a constant cold neck?"

Someone else then claimed: "The scarf is to hide the neck wrinkles and ageing skin."

"He thinks he's trendy," piped up one fan of the series, while another quipped: "It's a permanent handkerchief to wipe his tears."

And, a final social media user echoed: "Does Richard have a second head growing on his neck? Why is he ALWAYS in a scarf?"

Well, putting the speculation to bed once and for all, the 62-year-old motivational speaker has finally - at long last - answered the question we're all dying to know.

Richard was paired up with Andrea.
Channel 9

He revealed to Daily Mail Australia that there are 'four reasons' why he is always sporting the accessory.

"Firstly it's a comfort thing, and I also cough a lot and use my scarf to cough into," he explained. "You never know when the weather will change and you need some extra warmth, especially in autumn and spring."

Richard's final reason for seemingly always donning a scarf was a little less practical and more about showing off some fashionable flair.

He added: "It's also a splash of colour in my otherwise neutral-coloured wardrobe."

Talk about multi-purpose.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Nine/E4

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