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MAFS Australia bride Sara Mesa looks completely unrecognisable in resurfaced pictures

MAFS Australia bride Sara Mesa looks completely unrecognisable in resurfaced pictures

Sara Mesa looks totally different in these new pictures

MAFS Australia landed on E4 this week and the chaotic reality show is already proving to be wild.

The series is just a few episodes in, which means viewers are getting to know the contestants and watching them tie the knot.

So far, we've seen Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell's wedding and honeymoon, as well as Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light's chaotic nuptials - that almost didn't happen at all.

Meanwhile, in Tuesday evening's ep, Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black got hitched as well as Jack Dunkley and Tori May.

With new couples being introduced every ep, fans have been looking up their social media profiles to try and learn more about the brides and grooms.

As the show has already aired in Australia, it's easy to find spoilers - so beware if you do go digging!

And people were totally shocked when they came across Sara's Instagram page, with many pointing out that in some of her older posts she looks pretty unrecognisable.

Sara and Tim hit it off at first.
Channel Nine

In one post, Sara can be seen with much darker hair, instead of the beachy blonde look she sports on the show.

We're not sure whether Sara is naturally blonde or brunette, but she certainly suits both looks.

Although there seemed to be instant chemistry between Sara and Tim - with the pair having heaps in common - things took a bit of a downward spiral on the honeymoon when the pair totally clashed.

Sara was particularly concerned that Tim had only split with his ex six months ago, meanwhile the pair had a huge bust up when Tim suggested she 'relax' while out for dinner on their honeymoon in Fiji.

Sara explained that she had previously been hung up on an ex and therefore struggled to determine whether Tim could actually be over his former partner in such a short period of time.

The pair managed to sort things out the next day, so fingers crossed it's plain sailing from now on - although is that ever the case on MAFS?!

Sara looks totally different.

People had a lot of thoughts on the argument. Some took Sara's side while others firmly stood with Tim.

One wrote on X: "Here we go.... Sara get over yourself. Tim did not say anything out of order."

And another said: "This Tim and Sara thing has turned sour really quickly!"

"What exactly are sara and tim arguing about," asked another.

A fourth added: "Episode one, and i'm over Tim and sara... think we're into a wild ride with this one."

MAFS Australia continues Monday-Thursday at 7.30pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: Nine Network/Instagram/@saramessy

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